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Laurie is always looking for ways to add a twist to the traditional. This week’s project is an alternative on a ring pillow. Instead of being tied on top, the rings are safely tucked away in a small well cut from the pages of the book. Ive attended a couple weddings where I’ve seen the little guys throwing the pillow around with the rings attached before they walk down the aisle, so having them enclosed in a book might be a great way to deter rings from flying everywhere too. Enjoy!

What you’ll need:
One small book (The book I used was roughly 4″ x 6″)
One length of wide ribbon (approximately 2.25 times the width of your book)
One length of narrow ribbon (approximately 4 times the width of your book)
One silk or ribbon flower
A scrap of decorative paper
Paper glue
Large square paper punch
A small, flat paint brush
A needle and thread.
Resources: Vintage Lily of the Valley Ribbon is from Nancy’s Sewing Basket,  Raspberry chiffon  grosgrain is from Midori.
1.   Open your book to the second page.  Take your large square
craft punch, turn it upside down (so you can see to guide and center
it) and feed several of the right hand pages into the punch.   Slide it
towards the middle of the book as far as you can go, keeping it
vertically centered.  Squeeze the punch, and punch out the squares.    Important: Do not punch a hole in the first page of the book.
Remove the punch, feed the next few pages in , center again and
punch out the squares.  Continue to punch out  squares until
you’ve created a hole that is at least 3/4 of an inch deep.  (see
figure 1)
2.  On the page after the last punched  page, glue down a scrap
of  decorative paper  to line the bottom of  the “well” you just
created.  (see figures 2 and 3)
3.  Center the wider ribbon on the spine of the book. Glue the
tail of the wider ribbon inside the back cover  of the book.   Wrap the
ribbon around the outside of the book cover, and glue the other tail down inside the front cover.
Glue the first page of the book (the one without the hole punched
in it) to the inside cover to secure and conceal the ribbon tail.
Glue the last page of the book to the inside of the back cover to
secure the ribbon.       Allow to glue to dry.  ( see figure 4)
4.  Open the front cover of the book.   Use your brush to apply a
generous coat of glue along the page edges on all three sides.   Allow
the glue to dry, then give it a second coat.     Don’t close the book
until it’s had a thorough chance to dry, otherwise, the “lid” could get
stuck closed (see figure 5)
5.  Center your smaller ribbon on the spine of the book, in the
middle of the wider ribbon, and tack it down using a couple of stitches
with your needle and thread.     (see figure 6)
6.  Take your flower, and stitch it down to both layers of ribbon on the front cover of the book.   (see figure 7)
7.  Place your rings in the well and tie the ribbon tails into a bow to securely close box.   (see figure 8 and 9)
What it cost:
Book $8.00
Grosgrain ribbon – $1.75 a yard
Vintage Lily of the Valley ribbon  $7.50 for a half yard
Large square craft punch $13.00
Ribbon rose  (made with 1 yard of ribbon @ 3.99 a yard)

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11 Responses to “DIY: Book Ring Box”

  1. Samantha

    LOVELY!! I was looking for an alternative to a ring pillow and I think I finally found it. Thanks so much for always bringing the best inspiration to your site.

  2. Autumn Bride

    I love this! Thank you so much for posting this idea! I was going to create a book ring pillow already, because my fiance proposed to me with a book, and this idea with the beautiful flower and ribbon is very inspiring!

  3. Sandy

    It’s absolutely wonderful. I am not a big fan of ring pillows and have been looking everywhere for something like this. Thank you so much!

  4. zinc

    Hihi .. the idea is good, but I think it’s quite sad to do this to a book. As a book lover, I feel the pinch when I see people "dog-ear" a book as they read. Why couldn’t they use a bookmark instead? Just wondering if there’s alternative besides using a book. =)


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