A Tutorial on Long Hair Wedding Hair Updos

Wedding Hair Updos Natural Casual Wedding Hairstyles

If you enjoyed yesterday’s wedding hair ideas, you’re going to love how to make this wedding hairstyle a reality. Wedding hair updos can easily make “worrying about your hair” a thing of the past, especially on a day when your hair is the last thing you want to worry about!

Wedding hairstyles for long hair can be tricky to find, but this wedding updo is tight and secure, yet looks very natural and casually tossed in the wind, which is a great combination. What are some other wedding hair updos you are liking these days?

Long Wedding Hairstyles Wedding Hair Updos Tutorial

1. Take a 1 inch thick piece of hair in your hands and twist it. 2. Hold one tiny strand at the top and push the remaining hair up into a ringlet on your head.  3. Wrap the remaining strand around the ringlet and use a bobby pin to pin the ringlet to your head 3. To recreate the top image, grab a friend who can help you create and pin ringlets all the way around.

This wedding hairstyle tutorial can be found in our magazine, along with many other DIY tips and tricks–be sure to check it out.

Photography: Tec Petaja // Hair + Makeup: Jordan Hughes Byers

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18 Responses to “A Tutorial on Long Hair Wedding Hair Updos”

  1. cayyyooootieee

    pretty in the picture but just turned into a rats nest when i tried it…..explain?

    • Baylee

      I suggest making sure your hair is brushed and there are absolutely no tangles what so ever and maybe put some type of oil (coconut, jojoba, etc) or pomade to keep it smooth (but don’t put so much that your hair looks gross).

  2. Emmi

    This is just simply gorgeous! I would definitely consider this! Kisses from Finland xx


  3. Nicola

    Hi! This is a nice post.The hair style are awesome and its looks like loving pictures.I have visited many sites for wedding hair styles and dresses.


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