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Six Degrees of a Couple

Have you ever attended a wedding and wondered how the bride and groom are connected to all of their guests? This information graphic cleverly displays how the bride and groom know each of their guests, which guests are connected to each other, and how long each guest has been in acquaintance with the happy couple…. Read more »

Crumb Catchers

Im seeing a lot of gowns with “crumb catcher” style tops this season, but Im not quite sure how I feel about them. On one hand I like seeing fabric manipulated in different ways rather than the typical a-line bodice, but a crumb catcher at the top of a wedding gown is somewhat odd. What… Read more »

A Doily Wedding

I think people have the tendency to stereotype doillies as old fashioned and grandmotherly, but they shouldn’t write them off to quickly when planning a wedding. Not only can they add a bit of elegance and fun in a number of different ways to any celebration, but they are also a very inexpensive material to… Read more »

Fresh Bloom Flowers

I stumbled upon Karen’s blog, Fresh Bloom, a few weeks back and was instantly smitten with her talent. Karen started Fresh Bloom under a year ago after realizing her natural passion and love for beautiful blooms from her own wedding in 2006. I couldn’t resist posting a couple of sets from recent weddings she beautifully… Read more »