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Studio Sessions for Photographers


DOES THE FOLLOWING RESONATE WITH YOU? Over the last several years we’ve seen the level of photography in the wedding industry rise exponentially. It’s fun to watch! YOU ALL ARE GETTING REALLY GOOD! AND WE KNOW YOU WANT TO BE EVEN BETTER. At Once Wed we receive as many as 2000 submissions for publication every month. We run… Read more »

We’re Hiring an Account Executive!

If you want to work from home, have flexible hours and love interacting with people, you should check out this position. The secret is…. the people you’ll be calling really want to talk to you, they just won’t know it until five minutes into the call. Getting to that point is what we’ll train you… Read more »

Win 20 Yards of Habotai Ribbon from Froufrou Chic

What happens when you have a wedding in rural France and your ribbon order has not arrived?? Ginny Au found herself in such a state, and turned to her step-mother and artist Heather Cowie for help. Heather has been dyeing silk since the late 80’s, using it either as background to her mixed media artwork… Read more »

Win a Seat to Joy Thigpen’s Photography Styling Workshop

Photographers, I was talking with Joy Thigpen this week and discovered that she still has a few seats available for her upcoming workshop: A Crash Course in Styling for Wedding Photographers.  In case you don’t know her or about her workshops, I have to tell you, for some of you, I think attending this workshop is the best… Read more »