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Brides. I’m about to make your life a thousand times easier — annnnnd more beautiful. As you’ve probably figured out already, finding the perfect bridesmaids dress that both you and your girls love can be…challenging (to say the least, right??). Meet Joielle, our lovely sponsor and online bridal boutique specializing in affordable and adorable dresses… Read more »


Is Rachel Bilson not the more adorable style icon out there? I have to admit, I’ve been following her fashion ever since the OC…Which is why I’m sooo excited to share latest project(and our lovely sponsor!), ShoeMint, with you! ShoeMint is a members-only shoe subscription and a collaboration between the exceedingly fashionable Rachel Bilson, celebrity stylist… Read more »

Deposit a Gift

Any brides out there who are bored looking at the sammmmeeee wedding registry options everywhere you go? Dishes–check. Linens–check. Waffle maker–check. Do you dream of a flexible world where you can register for anything you want?? Ladies and gentlemen, dream no more. Enter our fabulous sponsor,  Deposit a Gift. Offering far more registry flexibility than… Read more »

Wedding Jojo

This morning I would like to remind you about one of our favorite sponsors over here at Once Wed, Wedding Jojo. The thought of creating a personal wedding website can be a little intimidating, but with Wedding Jojo, you don’t need any experience to create a lovely site for your upcoming wedding. With their user-friendly installation and… Read more »