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The 2016 Spring Collection from Tomomi Okubo


In recent years, we’ve seen brides begin to take chances with their bridal gowns, stepping away from the traditional and moving towards options that authentically suit their personal tastes. Designers are now showing an amazing range of styles: bridal separates, more color than ever before, and everything from dramatic embroidery and laser cut appliqués, to… Read more »

Booking Hotel Blocks the Easy Way


One of the most daunting tasks associated with wedding planning is reserving a hotel room block for your guests. It’s hard to know where to begin and how to get it done right, and chances are, you’ll have a LOT of other details on your mind. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you today to… Read more »

Classic Dinnerware Picks from Fortessa and Williams-Sonoma


When it comes time to choosing the items for your gift registry, you’ll want to ask around to find out what items your friends couldn’t do without on their registry. So, why not ask us for our recommendations? Today, we’re showcasing some of our favorite tableware items from Fortessa and Williams-Sonoma. Fortessa comes highly recommended,… Read more »