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Studio Sessions for Photographers


DOES THE FOLLOWING RESONATE WITH YOU? Over the last several years we’ve seen the level of photography in the wedding industry rise exponentially. It’s fun to watch! YOU ALL ARE GETTING REALLY GOOD! AND WE KNOW YOU WANT TO BE EVEN BETTER. At Once Wed we receive as many as 2000 submissions for publication every month. We run… Read more »

Shepherd under the hawthorn tree….


Shepherd under the hawthorn tree…. We created a shoot about simplicity, probity and calm, the girl unveiling her natural, relaxed, and unpretentious beauty to a condition of holiness. Her hermitage is deep in the mountains, a life lived true and a celebration of nature – the girl is a living sermon. The book she clutches… Read more »

Khanh Hogland Wedding Photography


We were instantly in love when we first came across Khanh Hogland’s film photography. We adore the crisp, bright, colorful, yet soft quality of her photos, and we immediately wanted to see more. We are so happy to have Oklahoma based fine art film photographer Khanh Hogland Photography as a new sponsor here on Once… Read more »