I cannot tell you how thrilled I am about featuring Lauren and Zack’s beautiful wedding today on our brand new site. Lauren was college roommates with my good friend from high school, Marilyn, and when she she emailed me at the beginning of the year letting me know she was getting married on a farm in Athens,GA and her photographers were Our Labor of Love I knew right then and there it was going to be an incredible celebration. Lauren was sweet enough to share some of the stunning details from their wedding…

Zack asked me to marry him on January 16th and that night we decided to tie the knot in April! We were ready. This was perfect, because I loved the idea of getting married in the spring, but it gave us a mere three months to plan. But we did! April 25th, we were married and our wedding was perfect.

We both already knew where we would like to get married, the same place where Zack proposed, The Hill.  I work for Lee Epting, owner of Epting Events, an event planning and catering company based out of Athens, GA. Lee has a beautiful piece of property just outside of Athens that is an ideal spot for a wedding. The Hill as the Epting property is affectionately called, is filled with old barns, historic homes, fields, flowers and a rustic sunken garden. Exactly what we wanted.






Not only is the The Hill a beautiful location.  It is very convenient as well because the ceremony and reception were yards apart. If you are working on a budget, a great way to save is to have your ceremony and reception at the same location. Also, there are several historic homes on Lee’s property where guests could stay and the bridal party could get ready.

Celebrate Sign: My friend Kate made this sign, which we hung in the A & D house, where the bridal party got ready to “Celebrate” the wedding festivities! This sign has traveled to many different parties for friends of mine. We all share it! Kate made this sign using paper from Hable Contruction.

Kate will actually be coming on later today to show us a little mini tutorial on how to create a celebrate banner, but until then we have so many more images from Our Labor of Love on the way…


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edyta szyszlo photo | Reply

emily the new site design is so charming!! i love the theme and feel, not to mention how adorable this wedding is!

Maile | Reply

Awesome! Gorgeous dress, the new site is fantastic. Getting married in October and I have found such great ideas! Thank you!

brittni of papernstitch | Reply

Congratulations on the gorgeous new look for the site! I am absolutely in love with it. And speaking of in love, what a wonderful wedding to feature. Looking forward to the Celebrate tutorial.

theflashdance | Reply

Lauren and Zack kinda win no?

Lisa | Reply

Can anyone tell me where Lauren beautiful dress is from? This wedding is spectacular! Thanks so much, Lisa

Alisha | Reply

I also was wondering who the designer of Lauren’s gown is? It is gorgeous! Thanks!

tara | Reply

What about the bridesmaids dresses? Does anyone know where those are from?

Courtney | Reply

Hey I’m worki.ng on a project for Bible class and i have to plan my wedding and make a scrapbook and I’ve been looking for bridesmaids dresses and I love these because they go perfect for my western theme. I was wondering where you found the dresses because i can’t find anything close to being country like that

Katy | Reply

The dresses are J Crew

Lauryl | Reply

I love your long delicate veil! Is it vintage—or if it’s new, where can find one like it?

Kathy | Reply

what kind of flowers are used in the brides bouquet?

Alissa | Reply

I was wondering where you found the cowboy boots, I am in a wedding in October and we are wearing navy dresses, same color but different styles… and cowboy boots. I love how all of the boots match, it will coordinate our look even better!

Sally | Reply

I was wondering where the dresses came from!!! I would love to know where to find dresses similar to that for my wedding! I’m planning the cowboy boots as well and I’m trying to find cotton dresses for the bridesmaids!