If you consider yourself a novice at working with flowers but you’d like to learn how make a bouquet for your wedding (you can do it!!) there are two tips I can give you:

1) Make your bouquet in a vase first. This will make it much easier for you to manage and will allow you to step back and see how you’re liking it.

2) Choose a big bloom to make up the majority of your bouquet and then just a few smaller bits to bring some life and personality into the equation. Tree peonies, like the ones we used above, are definitely more expensive and harder to get but they are so amazing on their own that you don’t have to do much of anything else to them to make a beautiful bouquet. They will make your job SO much easier!

Photography: Ali Harper // Styling: joy thigpen


Comments (11)

Samantha Bottomley | Reply

This is so pretty and definitely something I will show to my brides in France

prom dresses online canada | Reply

Great ideas, I will make a peony bouquet in my wedding party! Thanks your sharing!

Viva My Wedding | Reply

This is a great example of how to make your own flower arrangements. Beautiful arrangement.

wedding venues india | Reply

Wow! I love the pictures, they are beautiful. Particularly A Peony Bouquet looks awesome

bridesmaidlook | Reply

great bouquet for the wedding

Silvia - Magnolia wedding mentor | Reply

WOW!! will share this for sure with my community! :D

lindsey | Reply

Where did you purchase these peonies?

Topbeautydresses | Reply

A Peony Bouquet, so beautiful and stunning! Really want to have one!

Bridgewater Gardens | Reply

Thanks for some nice easy instructions!

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