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Here we are again with another exquisite engagement session to show you, this time with the hopes of providing inspiration for those red wedding dresses you are looking for to complete your wedding vision. Red wedding dresses can be great options for your bridesmaids and the dress pictured above is such a beautiful shade and style. Or try having your bridesmaids pair their red dresses with bright turquoise accents and gold jewelry. Your red wedding dresses do not have to be a deep crimson tone either–this dress definitely leans more towards the coral side and it works beautifully.

You can find many more lovely engagement sessions like this one in our gallery, so make the jump after this post.

Photography: Tec Petaja

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Comments (6)

Lmvisual Wedding Studio | Reply

Beyond beautiful set of photographs… and what a gorgeous couple as well !

Sarah Danaher | Reply

Tec is, perhaps, my favorite photographer. I adore all of his work.

Stephanie | Reply

That necklace is gorgeous! Any idea where its from?

Kim | Reply

The necklace is from Posh boutique in Nashville. It’s by David Aubrey. Glad you like it!

Lindsey | Reply

And that red-ish color dress? do you know where that came from? I have to have it!