Last day to pre-order your Magazine!

Oncewed Print Magazine Cover Vol 1

Today’s the last day to pre-order your copy of our first print magazine! This is the only way to guarantee a copy will be in your mailbox and get it at the pre-order price (its $18–this isn’t your typical 70% ads flimsy magazine). Since this is our first foray into print we have no idea how many to make…if you pre-order a copy we’ll include yours in our count. Otherwise we’re making a conservative guess (printing isn’t cheap!) and you’ll be risking the “sold out!” banner. :) We are SO close to wrapping it up–can’t wait to show you!!!!

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  1. QBride

    I’d so love one of these for our resources at Quintessentially Weddings – how do I get my paws on one?? We’re based in the UK, but willing to pay airduty etc….X


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