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What if you spent the early morning of your wedding alone? Just you. Doing whatever it is that refuels you. Still and quiet. For us introverts, that might be just the thing you need to enjoy your wedding weekend rather than feeling overwhelmed. I also like the idea of letting your photographer start the day with you there–documenting that last chapter of single life and the dawn of the next chapter.

Photography by Bryce Covey


Comments (45)

Daniella | Reply

This is such a lovely idea… gorgeous photos!

Melanie | Reply

I love these pictures. So clear and beautiful.

Justine {Stop Me if You've Heard This One} | Reply

Oooh…I’m a sucker for a horse and pretty lighting. These are gorgeous.

John | Reply

Just stop it, Bryce. Well done!

Cayton Photography | Reply

What a wonderful shoot and great idea for anyone getting married.

Jillian Nicole | Reply

This is just dreamy–love this idea!

Anne-Marie | Reply

Mmmm, ya, that would be perfection.

judy pak | Reply

I am completely blown away by these amazing images. wow.

Lacie Hansen | Reply

so fresh, I love these! Beautiful job Bryce!!!

Anne | Reply

The lighting is so beautiful, really incredible eye with the composition Bryce!

Erich McVey | Reply

Love the light. Great job, Bryce!

Amy | Reply

Oh Bryce, these are beautiful!! Love how you’ve captured the light… it really feels like a quiet morning just looking at these photos.

joey kennedy | Reply

THIS IS STUNNING! WOW!!!!! Way to go Bryce~!

Rachel Moyer | Reply

Just beautiful!!!

Ashley Nicole | Reply

stunning – the frost makes it magical!

Ridgely's Radar | Reply

Wow! Beautiful pictures! Happy V-Day!

Linn | Reply

Oh. Totally love the idea.

Love from Sweden.

michael marker | Reply

Wow these are such beautiful photographs and what a way to spend the morning of your wedding!

shea | Reply

not only is this beautiful, but it reminds me of my wedding day. i couldn’t sleep so i went for a 4mi run in the dead quiet of an early winter morning. perfect way to start the transition from one life to another.

Marilisa | Reply

What gorgeous photos paired with a sweet idea! Although I wonder if I would have still felt anxious even with just a photographer there…

Nina | Reply

Love it, Bryce! Well done!

Amy - Chic Vintage Brides | Reply

What a beautiful way for the bride to start the day….. magical! x

Marjorie Preval | Reply

I couldn’t comment earlier but Bryce, you did an amazing job! Beautiful work!!

Kelly | Reply

Great job….Love them so much….

Shannon {Shannon Reeves Events} | Reply

Magical is right! So peaceful – good for her. (:

Amelia Rhea | Reply

This really gives me the impression of a quiet beauty. So lovely.

Sabina | Reply

Inspiring…love the idea of a peaceful photo shooting in a forest.

Karen @ Wedding Flowers Co | Reply

I absolutely love this idea…your last moments as a single person…

Kitty | Reply

This gives me goosebumps! What stunning photographs and I love the idea of a bit of solitude and mindfulness before the big event. Lovely.

Wedding Invitations | Reply

That is one amazing set of photographs!

Christening Invitations | Reply

Wow! What a great setting.

DIY Wedding Invitations | Reply

Some great pictures here. We want more.

Elegant Wedding Invitations | Reply

What an amazing concept for a photo-shoot!

Jaime Fenwick | Reply

Nice work Bryce! Love the concept, the lighting, and the quiet moments and details you captured.

HandMade Wedding Invitations | Reply

A truly fabulous set of photographs.

Rosa Delgado | Reply

Beautiful, Bryce! Very dreamy, and magical.

Hens Night Invitations | Reply

We need more posts like this coming. Loved it.

Party Invitation Templates | Reply

Brilliant set of photographs!

Sara @ Top Southern Weddings | Reply

Love the use of light in these pictures. Beautiful!

Sydney Invites | Reply

All I can say is wow! Love the photos– simply amazing!