A DIY Countryside Wedding Celebration

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How amazing is the wedding of Emily and Paul? You can tell the couple and friends really put their heart and soul into making all of the elements (the groom is a woodworker so he even made the benches for the ceremony). I just love celebrations where everyone pitches in!

Photography: Josh Goleman // Wedding Dress : Chelsea Rose Bridal // Sign Painting and Calligraphy: Abby Hyslop // Cake Topper: Haylie Waring // Bride’s Ring: Halligan Smith // Wedding Bouquet: Maura Grace // Wedding Boots: Custom Boots // Groom’s Tie: J. A. Christensen Maker

* Submitted by The Wedding Artist Collective

31 Responses to “A DIY Countryside Wedding Celebration”

  1. Natalie

    All right, who has been inside my head? This is just what I would have wanted, had I been able to keep the guest list to 50 or something. Unfortunately for our wedding, it has to be 11 people, or, if we open it up one more tier of family members on both sides, 100. So very many cousins.

    Absolutely beautiful.

    Also, as a barber who specializes in beards, I am loving all of the bearded grooms I have been seeing about the blogosphere.

  2. ashlee

    i love everything about this wedding! where in mn is this? any recommendations for mn vendors? best of luck to this beautiful couple xo

  3. Jacqui

    I LOVE this wedding. What a beautiful dress! I love it when the bride doesn’t look undressed. I would be nervous to wear a strapless dress and huge heels. And what a great energy. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovely!

    This wedding is amazing! I will keep this in mind for my own wedding in the woods soon…

    One comment about this blog title, when the majority of the contributors to a wedding are friends of the couple and also happen to be WEDDING, VISUAL ART, AND PROFESSIONAL CRAFTSMAN the “DIY” label seems like a stretch. Just a thought :-)

  5. Chloe

    Well of course this would be a Josh Goleman wedding. So beautiful and natural and that hair! Gorgeous. She looks a lot like Hilary Swank.

  6. Solana

    Love her dress and everything about this wedding. Simplicity is key, the bride and groom look so relaxed and effortless. Inspirational. :)


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