A Technicolor Wedding Idea

Technicolor Eggs

1. Tie-dyed easter eggs from Crafting a Green World 2. digital printed linen scarf by OnlyScarf 3. The Jil Sander Memphis 999 Derby Shoe for spring/summer ’11 image by Style Spy Blogger 4. unknown  5. unknown  6. Andreas Murkudis

Is anyone feeling this bold for their wedding?? I think it’d be pretty rad! You could do it in a gray, industrial environment, decorate with jars of goldfish and coleus, AND I’d do a backdrop of black and white images of fireworks. :)

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  1. Julia

    I love the juxtaposition of a muted industrial space filled with such bright, happy colours – but please – don’t decorate with goldfish; unless of course wherever you got the little guys from will take them back, otherwise they’d all die!

  2. Lilia

    We are using gold fish at our June wedding on the beach! We are putting them in Mason Jars and probably putting some lavender in the jars too. Then we will probably throw them in our fish tank so our cats can be entertained for hours.

  3. abby

    those linens are phenomenal! i love the idea of a sweeping color palette for bridesmaids too . . . how beautiful would they look lined up at the altar?

  4. d

    totally agree with the “don’t use goldfish” sentiment. not to get all animal-rightsy, but that many goldfish in a jar is not cool. if you’re going to do it, use less fish (technically you should have at least a gallon per fish if you’re using a filtered tank… even though it’s only for a day, think about it!), and keep in mind that 1) it’s very possible that some of your eco-minded guests may find it in bad taste, and 2) goldfish poop. a lot. and when they are in standing water like a jar, it just kind of hangs there. after about three hours the water is going to look disgusting, especially if its illuminated.

  5. Erin

    My wedding is all black and white with splashes of really bright colors. I love these ideas….I may use them for my wedding!!!!

  6. Rosie

    I let my 5 bridesmaids wear the dress of their choice, with the only real being that they wear their assigned colors (which were ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green, amethyst purple, and saffron gold. They looked like gummy bears: super delicious!


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