Pink Grapefruit Bridesmaids Dress

Blush Briedesmaid Dress Red Shoes

We just LOVE this Madewell dress as a bridesmaid dress so much we thought it deserved its own post. But come back tomorrow for a full round up of this week’s board.

1. Madewell $145  2. Louboutin $895  3. unknown

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10 Responses to “Pink Grapefruit Bridesmaids Dress”

  1. Hayley R

    love this dress! I’m using a grey Madewell dress for my bridesmaid’s dresses. They’re less expensive than regular salon dresses and definitely re-wearable

  2. amelia

    I totally sent this to my bridesmaids as an option a month ago and it got VETOED! I’m going to make them reconsider. I love it. They said it was too informal – thoughts?

  3. joythigpen

    Vetoed?? bummer! Too informal? It totally depends on your wedding. It could be…but its certainly could be a GREAT option for A wedding.

  4. Chelsea C.

    My fave is the messy topknot. Been trying to get my hair to do that forever!

    And @Amelia — First off, I think the dress is to die for. Secondly, I think YOU’RE the one who gets to decide whether it’s formal enough. :)


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