INSPIRATION: Rustic Chic Wedding

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I’m coining a new term: rustic chic. Is it new? Or maybe its rustic elegant? I love the warmth and character of the “rustic” category but I think I love it even more when its elevated to elegant or chic. The trick is keeping it simple and only using a few exceptionally beautiful elements. Is this your style?

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And CONGRATS to DEE! Our winner from Macy’s Registry Giveaway!!

19 Responses to “INSPIRATION: Rustic Chic Wedding”

  1. Kali

    Rustic chic is exactly how I’ve been describing my wedding! My fiance even likes throwing around this term now when talking to people about our style. I think it’s pretty descriptive and should definitely be considered an official term!

  2. Andrea

    This is EXACTLY my style. When I (eventually) have my own home, it will definitely be decorated in rustic chic.

    Andrea x

  3. Lindsay

    You definitely didn’t coin the term, I’ve seen it on lots of wedding blogs in fact, but I do love it and that’s what our wedding is! I call it rustic-chic, vintage-elegance.


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