Bad to the Bone

Black Camero BlondeBlack Camero Custom Engagement RingSweet Engagement PortraitSweet Engaged CoupleCigar CameroBlonde Skull CameroLaughing Sweet CoupleKissing In DesertBad To The BoneSweet Kiss

…and sweet as pie! I love the complexity and tenderness that comes through in this engagement session. You can see more here at Michael Radford’s blog.

35 Responses to “Bad to the Bone”

  1. Andrea

    I would kill for that ring. Is it a custom ring or who is the designer?

  2. Brittany

    This engagement shoot is amazing, and so is this photographer! Thank you for posting!!!

  3. Andrea

    These pictures are amazing!!! All the pictures on his website are beautiful and fun to look at.

  4. Meagan

    Thank you for all the comments! My ring was designed by my dad who passed away sometime ago…. I was the lucky one out of my three sisters to get it from my mom and now lucky to be marrying such an amazing man. Thanks again for such sweet comments.

  5. Janna

    Simply beautiful. Fun and lighthearted… just the way a photo shoot and adorable couple should be. Kudos to the photographer, Michael Radford for capturing such bliss.

  6. Katie

    What an amazing shoot!! That couple looks like professionals!! They are going to make amazing babies!

  7. Melinda

    Can I just say WOW! This uber talented photographer really has a gift for capturing the emotion and connection between the couple…..rare and beautiful to see.

  8. Andrea

    I LOVE the dress and boots…would love to know where she found them : )

  9. Louise

    Meagan I love these photos! Where is your dress from, id love to search online for it! You both look fab and I wish you all the happiness in the world for your future together xx

  10. Matt

    As a male, I find the best part of these photos to be the beard; a beard of that quality takes work. Congrats on the great beard, and on finding a great girl who appreciates top notch facial hair.


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