Summertime Engagement Portraits

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How cute are they??? Even when the sprinklers came on in the middle of their portrait session! And I love the last ones of her in his shirt and then as she shares her wrap…true love. :) Great job, Nancy!

Photography by Nancy Neil

38 Responses to “Summertime Engagement Portraits”

  1. Marija

    What a magical moment. I love the sprinklers – I was just going to ask what they used to get that effect, but now I see that something as simple as sprinklers can create such magical confetti-like background. Lovely!!!

  2. Jen Pearson

    This is hands down the prettiest engagement session I have seen…
    Can anyone tell me where the bride to be got her lovely white dresses?


  3. something new, something blue

    omg, these photos are amazing,
    just like a fairytail

  4. Rachael

    i’ve seen ALOT of gorgeous engagement photo shoots before, but this has got to be one of the most beautiful i’ve seen!

    on a completely random side note- i have a shorter version of that orange floral dress :)

  5. Will

    DREAMY. Love how the sprinkler came on – adding to my weekly round up post so I can revisit when feeling in the mood for some charming romance! Lovely shots!

  6. Boiler Elizabeth

    Absolutely breathtaking (I must say I’m a bit biased b/c the bride is my cousin!)!!!! Sending love to them…

  7. catherine senske

    Wow, what a lovely couple! The pictures are absolutely fabulous.

  8. Jane Houle'

    gorgeous gorgeous pictures. I’ve never seen
    photos like these. I’ve never seen models like
    these either. The whole thing is simply breathtaking!


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