Olive Grove Wedding Part II

Chloe Bridal PortraitTaupe Bride And GroomGroom Gets BoutineereClassic Bride Groom Taupe Olive GroveWhite Bouquet Twine WrapBride Groom Olive GroveBride Flower GirlWedding GirlsLaughing Wedding PartyBride Taupe Junior Bridesmaid WhiteParents Portrait Groom GroomsmanGrey Classic Car Grey Taupe Bride Groom

…the portraits…

(Now, I don’t know any of the people involved in this wedding but I would bet money that this was a photographer-client match made in heaven. There is a certain calm and ease that seems to be equally imparted from the subjects and the photographer… Do you and your photographer have complimentary personalities? It usually makes for better pictures! Your photographer will be approaching the day and seeing things, and you, more in line with the way you see…)

Photography: Kate MacPherson // Hair & Make-up: Hil Cook Team // Bride’s dress: Collette Dinnigan // Olive Grove location: In The Grove

8 Responses to “Olive Grove Wedding Part II”

  1. Motion Picture Co

    What a unique wedding!! It is, as you said, very comfortable – as a photographer, I love to see these images. It is so important that you feel comfortable around your photographer! Some of our wedding clients are now some of my dearest friends!

  2. Jojo

    She wears such a beautiful dress! It’s so summery, not that big wedding dress, but so true and honest.

  3. Maggie

    So pretty and I just love that dress. I am not excited about a big poofy white number for myself and I love her alternative–it is different but still says, “this is my special day.”

  4. Melissa - Fresh Photography

    Love the elegant simplicity of this wedding! And as a photographer I have to say you are right about how much better the photos are if there is a good rapport and comfort level between the couple and you. I dont think this necessesarily means you have to have a personaity match but rather you are good at putting people at ease and helping them be themselves around the camera…to me thats a good photographer.
    Anyways….beautiful, rustically simple wedding!


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