He Proposed!!!

So here’s the story: After we chose Caleb and Bethany to come shoot with us, we get this email from Caleb asking: would it be ok with us if he pops the question during our photoshoot? Um….YES!!!! So we concocted a plan and were all giddy all day since everyone but Bethany knew what was going on (though none of us more than Caleb who had a ring burning a whole in his pocket!). By the time we got to our last location (the location) he just couldn’t wait any longer…. “Do you have the note? Do you have the note? Can I ask her now???”

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she said yes :)

Photography by Jose Villa

Hair and Makeup by Mar of TEAM Hair and Makeup

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41 Responses to “He Proposed!!!”

  1. Karin

    How sweet! They should have just married right then and there -they had most of the important ingredients lol – a bride, a groom, a ring, a dress, and location… on the spot I would have done it! Congrats!!

  2. Tally

    That last pic is BEAUTIFUL! And it’s a great story, but, seriously, what is he wearing?!

  3. kd

    nevermind my question about the dress….saw the “ebay” answer on the other post :) not fair, not fair at all haha

  4. Julie Query

    Where did she get that wonderful headpiece of butterflies? It is so beautiful!


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