DIY Origami Paper Balloon Place Cards

Oragami Paper Balloon Place Cards

While you’re on a roll folding all those paper airplanes out of your printer paper, why not keep going and make these little inflatable paper balloons for once your guests find their tables? It’d be like a little game once they got to their table to find the balloon with their name as the secret message inside. Here are some little drawn instructions we found from here where you can also find a video demonstrating the directions as well.

Oragami Balloon Instructions

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4 Responses to “DIY Origami Paper Balloon Place Cards”

  1. Andrea

    These are fantastic! I may have to host a dinner party just so I have an excuse to make them…

    Andrea x

  2. Pretty Clever Bride

    Oh, these remind me of junior high! Which seems fitting for a wedding, since the topic addressed by our little paper predictor things were usually about which boy we would marry.


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