New Traditional Invitation

Liam Stevens

I love how this invitation by Liam Stevens takes a more traditional form and gives it a new quirky life because its hand drawn. Kind of traditional but with personality. Via Black Eiffel

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18 Responses to “New Traditional Invitation”

  1. Suzy

    I sure wish I had thought of this for my wedding! You can’t get more personal than by using hand drawn wedding invitations. Every detail is so well thought out and any imperfections will add to the uniqueness! Wonderful!

  2. Tracy Thunderbolt

    I really like this invitation. It reminded me of the cover of “The Mysterious Benedict Society,” actually, which always grabs my attention in the bookstore. The hand-drawn whimsy is so inviting.

  3. Laura

    These invites are so cute! The weird thing is that Joseph & Charlotte are my parents’ names! In all my wedding photo-grazing, I haven’t come across them yet, until now.


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