Inspiration: Early Spring Tablescape

Bulbs Tablescape 1

This week’s inspiration board calls for a very simple tablescape of simple white and blooms from early spring bulbs and blossoms. Here we have hyacinth, bi-colored lilac, and those delicate, crazy checker-board flowers are called fritillaria. The rad bubble table number holder is from Terrain.

Bulbs Tablescape 2

Stay tuned tomorrow for a beautiful favor idea inspired by the change in seasons!

8 Responses to “Inspiration: Early Spring Tablescape”

  1. Holly B

    Gorgeous! I was planning on doing exactly the same thing with Fritillaria under a dome….now to find enough domes.

  2. Jenni Fisher

    Your blog is so beautiful. Thanks for all the inspiration. I am a mother of a bride planning a DIY wedding and I appreciate all your beautiful ideas.

    I would love to connect with other mothers / brides. Please check out my blog where I am documenting the wedding plans.

    Thanks again.


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