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Before we wrap up the week, we couldn’t resist highlighting some gorgeous images and film from a recent floral workshop hosted by Flowerwild. The arrangements above and below are just a few of many created by attendees at Flowerwild’s workshop. I’m loving all the deep reds and pinks. So pretty! Kate is actually hosting another floral workshop on February 24th and 25th in Santa Barbara, CA. For more information about her work and her amazing workshops, click here.

Photography by Jose Villa

Film/Cinema by Joel Serrato

Flowers by Flowerwild, Firefly Floral, Blumin, Patricia Jones, and Sam Dean

Styling by Duet Weddings

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18 Responses to “Flowerwild Workshop”

  1. Margaret Van Damme

    These florals by Flowerwild and photos by Jose Villa and film by Joel Serrato are all just stunning!

  2. kate holt

    this was the MOST fun, and inspiring 2 days for me. Spending time with other like minded flower lovers. Complete daydream! Thanks so much to all my lovely attendees for bringing so much to the whole experience.

  3. Blumin

    Thank you Kate it was a fabulous, inspiring and creative experience. Also to have Jose, Joel & Rebecca involved as well. So many Australian brides have tuned in and love the style and originality:)

  4. Joel Serrato

    thanks for inspiring with your wonderful floral everyone! Kate, it’s always a pleasure filming anything that involves you and Rebecca ;) Til next time! And who’s signing up again?! I’ll be there!

  5. kate holt

    the dress is from unique-vintage.com!!! They have amazing original vintage gowns. Contact them directly to ask about what is available. They are to die for!!!

  6. Naomi

    These flowers are gorgeous…what a great post! The film reminds me of spring in Europe. Don’t know why it just does!

  7. Marilisa

    Is it bad if I want to send this video to my fiancĂ© and say “Here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day!”? Ha. The bouquets are stunning.

  8. kate holt

    Thanks Mckenzie!
    teresa – the chess set is a rental from a prop house, I’m ashamed to say how much they told me it was worth. If I lost is, or broke it I basically would have to sell my house! ha.


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