Soft Tropical Wedding Flowers

Soft Tropical Flowers

This month we will be posting a lot on destination wedding ideas as January seems to be a great time for destination weddings. This week’s fashion content (previous 3 posts) was shot in Mexico while we were at Jose Villa’s workshop. For our content this week we wanted to explore the softer, more feminine side of a tropical climate…to see if we could get something to still say ‘tropical’ without relying on the typical tropical colors. You could locally source most of these flowers in most tropical regions or just use flowers like these where ever you are to lend a lovely atmosphere to your affair.

Photo by Jose Villa

13 Responses to “Soft Tropical Wedding Flowers”

  1. Sheila Comer

    Wow! I’m envisioning a bride holding this bouquet and she’s wearing a short cocktail style wedding dress. The skirt would be made from feathers. I kind of want to be her.

  2. Amanda

    Dreamy, whimisical, lovely! I would love to know what the flowers are in the arrangements – especially that large sunflower-like one in the front.

  3. joythigpen

    Thanks for all the kind words! Amanda, the flowers in the arrangement are tuberose, some colorful leucadendron, some purple pinapple-y things, roses, lisianthus, some other little purple flowers I don’t know the name of (can any florists help me out here?), and the big guy in the front is a King Protea

  4. Stacey

    Pretty bunch of flowers!
    But that protea is our national flower (South Africa).
    Not a tropical flower ;)


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