Doesn’t this wedding look so fun? I love all the quirky details and diy accents–seat me at the pineapple table please!

Mostly our wedding was handmade and DIY. We made signs, handmade serviettes made from vintage fabric, collected jam jars to drink from, made our own flower pots, collected mix matching china and cutlery, designed our own stationery, made giant pom-poms, hung cafe lights, David’s mum baked cakes and biscuits for dessert, we made our own cake decorations, collected chairs, cushions and old table cloths to create a lounge area, hung vintage hankerchief garlands, collected vases and figurines for the table.

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Diy Australia Wedding



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Candy Cane Straws

Photography by Jonas Peterson

There are even more photos from this wedding–come back soon!


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BonafideBride | Reply

I do love the dinosaur table! I would assume that all of the fun people are seated at that table. (Dinosaur impressions optional.)

Lily | Reply

You can just tell by looking at these photos that their wedding was not only a meaningful event, but full of the couple’s personality and not stuffy in the usual way some (more traditional weddings) tend to be. I looks as if it was a whole lot of fun!

Sara | Reply

I want to know more about that dress!

Melissa | Reply

Haha, I love how they labelled their tables. Genius.