Saja Wedding Dresses II

In case you missed it yesterday, this week we are featuring the easy breezy wedding dresses from NY designer, Saja. If only you could see the way they move! They are so sweet and so affordable–nothing over $1200! Check them out in our new little boutique!

Blackberry Jam Blackberry Jam Saja Wedding Dress1 Atalanta Text Saja Wedding Dress Atalanta Saja Wedding Dress Collecting Starlight1Saja Wedding Dress Collecting Starlight2 Entwined Text Saja Wedding Dress Entwined1 Saja Wedding Dress Entwined2 Saja Wedding Dress Entwined3

Photography by Jose Villa

Wedding Dresses by Saja

Hair and makeup by Mar of TEAM Hair & Makeup

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20 Responses to “Saja Wedding Dresses II”

  1. melissa

    I’m so sad I didn’t wear Blackberry Jam at my wedding this September. I kept looking at Saja for the short-sleeve dress that I have seen on this website, but at that time there wasn’t one to be had. :(

  2. kate Holt

    wooo hoooo!!! Congratulations on a beautiful new look…I have dying to see it. Even better than I imagined. Jose’s images ridiculous as EVER!!! xoxo

  3. La Champanera

    Me encanta cómo lleva el pelo la úñtima chica!! es la segunda vez que en el día que entro a ver esta entrada! enhorabuena por el blog, os sigo desde España! un abrazo enorme!! Ana.

  4. Shanna

    Is Blackberry Jam the same dress that was worn by Sooki from your post “Swedish Wedding by the Sea?” Love that dress, but this one looks slightly different. Did she perhaps wear a tan slip under the dress?

  5. Stacyg

    Jose, you have done a wonderful job of showing how each of this dresses is so beautiful and unique.

    Furthermore, I am more than ecstatic that I will be wearing Collecting Starlight at my wedding this April.

  6. Katie

    Beautiful new layout! Do you have any clue what type of lipstick the models are wearing….soooo gorgeous!

  7. joy thigpen

    hey ladies, several of you have been asking about the lip color…mar mixes her own colors from several palettes of lip colors but I brought her Revlon’s “Kiss Me Coral” and “Strawberry Suede” as a reference. You could try those or you can always bring your iPhone to the makeup counter!


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