New Hampshire Summer Wedding

Can you believe its already November?? My favorite season is slipping away too quickly so I’m soaking up every last bit of autumn that I can. When Charlotte Jenks Lewis sent me over these images of this fabulous wedding, I knew I had to share them with you. I’m loving all of the warm colors, the fun patterned bridesmaid dresses and the Northeastern charm. Oh, and of course the bride’s gown–stunning!

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Charlotte Jenks Lewis Photography

Photography by Charlotte Jenks Lewis

Wedding Dress by Watters

15 Responses to “New Hampshire Summer Wedding”

  1. Serena

    I LOVE this dress but can’t find it on the watters website. Anyone know the style name?

  2. Molly

    Where is this venue? I am getting married next spring and I thought I had seen every venue in New Hampshire, but this isn’t looking familiar. I would love to know where it was!

  3. Kerry

    This wedding is beautiful, but I particularly like the flowers.

    Unrelatedly, the first photo keeps catching my eye and I keep thinking it’s of two brides. Has a queer wedding ever been featured on oncewed? I’d love to see one . . .

  4. Anne

    I also love the bride’s dress! Can’t find it on their site… what style is it? Thanks!

  5. Lindsay

    I think the dress is the Watters Cancun, but she had it made long instead of short. I wish I had thought of that! It’s beautiful.


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