Isn’t this wedding from Spain amazing? As I look over these images, I keep getting lost somewhere between the twinkle lights, her amazing braid, and that adorable ring bearer. Oh, and the details–haystack seats, butterfly place cards, lavender! There is something so magical about Antonio and Silvia’s celebration.

We live in Spain, and here most of the weddings are the same, nothing special nor original, but we do wanted to do something special, magical as the weddings I had checked in your blog. It meant hard work as we were organizing everything and buying/renting everything ourselves, buying things from the flea markets in Madrid and Lisbon, and some other stuff through Etsy, came straight away from the States. We chose to do the wedding at my sister’s backyard which is incredibly beautiful, in the middle of a forest in Madrid, 15 km away from the city center. It was also very special for me, as I have loads of great memories about my sister’s house where I’ve shared the greatest moments with my family.

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Photographer: Jimena Roquero Weddings

Dress: Alma Aguilar

Shoes: Valentino.

Suit: Lander Urquijo

Planning: KOMODO Producciones

Flowers: The Workshop Flowers

Catering: Catering Creativo

Cupcakes and cake: Cupcake Madrid


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Emily | Reply

Amazing! The lights are simply breathtaking.

leigh | Reply

This is breathtaking! I am so in love with her braid and the lights and –well– everything!

ginnybranch stelling | Reply

i am in love with this wedding. so simple and so elegant. lovely lovely lovely!

Chelsea | Reply

this whole event looks so dreamy! and the bride’s hair? to DIE for!

forget.me.knot.weddings | Reply

This is a gorgeous wedding!! I love everything about it..so breathtaking!!

angie | Reply

what a pretty wedding! and i love everyone’s attire.

Sonia Ruiz | Reply

Beautiful wedding!!! I live in Spain and all the weddings are just the same so it´s great to know about this one. So special. I love it.

www.KimiaKline.com | Reply

say yess to fairy lights :) simply stunning.

Fernanda | Reply

It’s beautiful, since I saw the sneak peak a couple of days ago I fell in love!!!! Thanks for sharing.
{BTW I tried to use the links you have in the suppliers list… “komodo productions” and “catering creativo” and they’re not working, just thought you might want to check that}
Huge fan of yourblog!!!

Monica | Reply

I feel really “proud” of this Spanish wedding. It has nothing to do with any wedding in Spain. I really congratulate this couple!! I will take note of some addresses for the future :)

Samia Kallidis | Reply

It truly is a gorgeous wedding! So charming and whimsical. I love the flowers, all the romantic details and darling design. Thank you for sharing!

natalie | Reply

Faux tent made with lights and a beautiful braid! How loverly and romantical.

chelsea | Reply

stunning. the table set-up with the lights is so gorgeous!

Susan | Reply

It’s so relax! Absolutely gorgeous and I love the bouquet!

Kate | Reply

This wedding looks magical! I love the light tent.

Amanda Thorson | Reply

oh my goodness, this is amazing!

olivia schumann | Reply

Awesome! Breathtaking! You can feel love is in the air… in every picture you see… Those guys have style… and good taste.. oh yes!

Nina | Reply

I love this wedding! The lighting and the photography are amazing!

Kate@MagnoliaRouge | Reply

What a beautiful wedding. Love her hair and the bridesmaids dresses. And the photography has a lovely vintage feel to it.

Irene | Reply

Oh my gooooood! It’s gorgeus!
I’m from Spain too, could you please (if it’s posible) give me the contact of Silvia?
In Spain the weedings are soooo typical and prefabricated…

Thank you very much!

Silvia | Reply

Hi to all, I feel falttered for all the great comment you gusy made about our wedding. I must say everything was as lovely as it looks in the pictures, we worked so hard to organize everythign but the result were dfinetly worth it. I want to correct the websites of Komodo Producciones:


And the wonderfuls caterers Olvier de Belleroche and David Marsal:


Regards to everyone!

Katie | Reply

Hi! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for how to make a hanging light tent, and this is the only one I’ve seen that I’ve fallen in love with! Do you have DIY steps for building it? Thank you!!

copywaitress | Reply

I loooove everything in this wedding – especially the plait of the Bride:) She looks so pretty!!!

Giada | Reply

wow, this is the most beautiful wedding in the world!!!

Elizabeth @ Dapper Paper | Reply

wow, is this real real life?! ha.
amazing. The dress (and her) are gorgeous and everything is so lovely and soft.
That photo of that little boy is nuts.

All of these photos are nuts!

F.Alonso | Reply

What a beautiful wedding…Those guys have style and refined taste!!!
Just visit the Wedding dress designer and the brand is realy gorgeous.The photos as well incredible.


didi | Reply

dig the brides hair style….not everyone could pull that off. stunning wedding

daniel | Reply

I was there, and i consider myself a lucky man sharing these day with Silvia and Antonio

Bego | Reply

I can’t imagine how hard they work in their wed!!!
I’m from Spain, and I want one wed like this!
But like Irene says, here is so expensive and rare have a diferent weddding…

Enhorabuena Silvia y Antonio! ¡Habeis tenido una boda preciosa!

Barbara | Reply

Finally!!!!!! I am so glad in Spain there are people who want to do a different weeding.
It is quite rare find weedings like yours here. I
Thanks to oncewed because you are a inspiration!
Congratulations to Silvia and Antonio! Just amazing!


So nice. I am from Spain y would love to be able to do something like that…….but I am not from the capital so I guess Etsy is going to be the soluction! hahahhahaha….Thnx for sharing!!!!!

Ivana | Reply

Ooohh!! so beautiful!!

Lady P. | Reply

Another spanish! So lovely!!It´s so great to found something different like your wedding, here in Spain.
I love the lights, the dress, the photos, everything!!Congrats!

Kristina | Reply

Le sigh. I love that braid!

catherine spinley | Reply

what an amazing wedding! It looks so intimate and there is such thought in the details.

Fabulous ink | Reply

Magical shots, amazing wedding, beautiful details…I love everything in this wedding. I’d like to see the wedding invitations, it’s possible?

Elizabeth @ rosalilium | Reply

Absolutely beautiful. Simple.

Sofia | Reply

I love the bride’s bouquet and the bridesmaid’s bouquet! Can anyone tell me what the names of the flowers are?

Thank you!

Vanessa | Reply

Does anyone know where I can find those adorable little lederhosen/overall things the little boy is wearing?

Kamilla | Reply

I’ve been gazing at wedding websites for some time now and I can say, for certain, that these two are the happiest couple ‘ive seen, they just look so honestly and truly happy about getting married to each other.

Machelle | Reply

I love the lighting!!!!!!I would love to contact the person who did the light canopy. Komodo Productiones looks like a music site did they do the lights also?