Max + Margaux III

How much do you love all of the styling Ashley did for this adorable couple? The fabric swing and the paper heart french fry boxes pull at my heartstrings a little. And as if all the details of the weekend don’t make it wonderful enough, just look at the food. Fish tacos and In-n-Out? Sounds like my kind of wedding!

on saturday, we had a big party in a family friend’s backyard. having done the ceremony the night before, there was no pressure on us, all we had to do was have a good time. and that’s what we did.┬áthe entire weekend couldn’t have been more magical. a special thank you to ashley meaders who went above and beyond. words cannot describe her amazing talents. she transformed the backyard into a wonderland. at the end of the night, we were literally in tears because we were overcome with gratitude for all her hard work. it sounds cliche, but our 2 wedding days were the happiest days of our lives.

Photography by Our Labor of Love

Event Design, Video, and Music by The Flashdance

Invitations by Rifle Design

Flowers by JL Designs

Stay tuned for Part IV of this lovely celebration coming up next!

19 Responses to “Max + Margaux III”

  1. Iris

    This wedding was amazing, I simply can’t get enough of these pictures! I am so excited for part IV!!!


  2. Marissa

    I love the hearts they attached to the tea bags! Might have to steal that! I love little details like that in weddings.

  3. Caryn Matheson

    This wedding is seriously beautiful!!!
    I absolutely love every detail! So so stunning!

  4. Ivy

    For those who asked about the invitations – they’re from Rifle Paper Co. at “”.

    I loved them so, so much that I scoured the internet to find them :)

  5. Amanda Connell

    Anyone know what type of flowers are in this gorgeous bouquet????

  6. mandapannts

    wow, a wedding catered by in-n-out? don’t tell my husband, but I think I’m in love…


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