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This DIY includes styling and presentation ideas for ‘Message in a Bottle’ guest favors with a twist. Enclosed is a little scroll that not only contains a message to your guests but also some extra blank notepaper so that they can write a little message back to the bride and groom and drop it in a jar labeled “Love Letters” incorporated in the centerpiece design of each table. Click “read more” to see more images and instructions for this delightful project.

– Amy of Eat Drink Chic

Loveletters 01

If you like the presentation ideas shown here you can download the various elements below and re-create the look for yourself.

Love_Heart_Doily_Label – Print onto white textured card and cut around border with scissors. Stick onto bottle with double-sided tape.

Loveletter_Heart_Doily_Label – Print onto white textured card and cut around border with scissors. Stick onto bottle with double-sided tape or punch a small round hole at top, slip some twine through hole and tie to jar.

Notepaper_Template – Use the PDF template to write your own message (IMPORTANT: You must download and install this free Travelling Typewriter font from Dafont to be able to use the template) then print onto paper of your choice. (I would recommend kraft paper for this design) Two of the sheets in the template can be edited to create your message, two are blank for your guests to use.

If this motif is not for you but you still want to utilize the idea then find or create your own labels that are more suitable for your wedding theme.

Loveletters 02


Cheap small bottles, one for each guest.

Large jar– one for each table.

– Attractive pens for guests to write their messages.

– Decorative twine or ribbon to tie around the neck of each bottle.

Double-sided tape.

Labels for each bottle and for centerpiece jar. Source, or create your own or download my designs above.

Colour Printer for labels.

Scissors for cutting out the heart labels.

String, twine or ribbon to tie around each scroll.

Notepaper – Source your own or download my design above. If you use my template, make sure to download and install this font first.

Cutting board, scalpel and ruler to cut out notepaper designs.

Rounded corner punch for corners of notepaper. (Optional)

Loveletters 03


– Present bottle as part of each guest table-setting.

– Include some colored confetti and/or small candy at the bottom of each jar.

– Personalise by attaching a mini gift tag to the neck of the bottle with the date and bride and groom names.

– Include a little sticker inside the bottle so that when guests write back to you they can seal their scroll.

– Instead of using the same type of bottle for all guests, mix and match different shaped bottles.

Loveletters 05

Project created by Amy of Eat Drink Chic


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Will | Reply

These are such fun! Thanks for posting, I love printables.

WeddingXpert | Reply

Oh how I adore this. It’s always refreshing when the aesthetics of a wedding can also become something meaningful. How sweet to have a jar of love letters from all your family and friends? I’d treasure it forever.

forget.me.knot.weddings | Reply

So sweet!! Love these great ideas!

Rhonda Giedt Photography | Reply

This is so adorable! I love little ideas like this that make such a big impact!

Evita | Reply

LOVE! where are the bottles from? they’re the perfect size! if someone could let me know, it would be much appreciated! thanks!

Kirby | Reply

really cute idea

Lex | Reply

Did I just squeal? It’s so sweet! And I’m thinking of using it not just for wedding purposes but for gifts too or interesting home decors!

Rachel | Reply

wow..just love these love notes.
Wish my goregous man, would be inventive like this..these are fab

Paula@DWItaly | Reply

I just “ooooooooohed” in the office and everyone looked at me as if I were nuts… These are oooooh worthy though, very cute and would make great palce markers with personalised lables and a meaningful note to take home :)

Make, Do & Send | Reply

These printables are really sweet, I always love Eat Drink Chic’s projects they are always so beautiful.

La Belle Bride | Reply

This is cuteness and beyond.

a thousand mason jars | Reply

LOVE this DIY idea. adorable way to let your guests know how happy you are to have them & for them to leave you little tidbits on love…great idea!

Taylor | Reply

I love this! Any ideas how I could incorporate this into a baby shower?

Gayle | Reply

What a fantastic idea. You could even extend it to invitations and save the dates as well, especially if it were a beach wedding.

Shilo | Reply

Thanks so much for sharing this!!

sylvie | Reply

super idée et merci pour les printables
see you later

Madame Bonbon | Reply

Amy, your instructions make it look all too easy!
This is a gorgeous idea – thanks for sharing.

Best wishes,
Madame Bonbon

Jana @ The Summer House | Reply

So clever! I love these sweet little notes.

Karon | Reply

Love you blog and how generous to share your downloads.
These are adorable..thanks so much for sharing

Marian/pink princess | Reply

Thank you for those lovely hearts ? I am using them in a little project as I speak lol. COME check out my blog, I linked up to you ofcourse :) THANKS so much ?

Heather | Reply

I love this idea, it is so cute. Do you know the best place to get a lot of inexpensive bottles to put the message in? Also, how did you display the notes attached to the twigs…was it standing or laying on the table. Also, is there a way to change the template to a dark purple instead of pink?? Thanks so much for this great idea.

Charlene | Reply

THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I have been searching and searching for something like this! You have made it so easy for us non-crafty people :)

One thing though..I downloaded the labels that you provided, but they’re in pink..am I able to change the colour since it’s in a PDF. file?

Thanks again :)

Cady | Reply

Where can you get empty glass bottles?

Nora | Reply

creative idea for souvenirs :)

Melissa | Reply

Cute! I never thought about that idea. My friend’s wedding made a tree for wishes and I guess that is the tradition for the Chinese.

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