Lovely New York Wedding

I am a huge fan of Josh Goleman, so when I first saw these images from Tom and Nichole’s wedding, I was immediately dazzled. Josh has an amazing grasp on composition and lighting that make all of his images unique and timeless. How could you not love the casual elegance that he captures in all the details of this lovely wedding? Oh, and don’t get me started on these family portraits–so beautiful!

I have to admit that when I got engaged, the thought of planning a wedding was pretty overwhelming. I saw so many ideas I liked that I didn’t know where to start. My good friend, Jen Wood, offered to help organize all of that inspiration into our dream wedding. Inspired by our venue, The Metropolitan Building, she suggested we use vintage globes to pull in a Spring palette of pinks, yellows, and teals. Those globes became the jumping off point for everything else – we scoured ebay, flea markets and etsy for vintage suitcases, books and other knick-knacks to tie in a theme of travel. Also, the globe shape itself was mirrored in handmade fabric flower garlandthat hung over the dance floor (a project from Once Wed!) and in the globe-shaped glass candleholders that hung from the ceiling in a stage area. The results were breathtaking…

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From handkerchief pendants that were hand-embroidered with “Cheers to Beers” to hang on the beer tubs to a vintage mailbox for guests to drop their cards in, Jen and I were fixated on the tiniest of details and it was those details that really made the day special. One of Jen’s best pieces of advice to me was to think of planning my wedding as throwing one great big party. It is a simple thought, but do everything with that in mind and it is guaranteed to be the most fun day of your life.

Wedding Planner: Jen Wood

Photographer: Josh Goleman

Venue: The Metropolitan Building

Florist: Sprout

Caterer: Real Food Catering

Dress: Cymbeline

Hair: Giselle Modeste

Make-up: Janice Kinjo

Veil: Doloris Petunia on Etsy

Hairpiece: Mignonne Handmade on Etsy

Invitations: Lucky Luxe

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23 Responses to “Lovely New York Wedding”

  1. ginnybranch stelling

    photos 11–18, and the last one are my favorites! he is so good!

  2. Mary Ellen

    What an amazing wedding! That venue is simply one of a kind and stunning to boot ;)

  3. Mia

    Can anyone tell me the style name of this dress? I’m madly in love with it! This wedding is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen!

  4. Kim

    Wow – i really love this wedding. Beautiful photographs, and it looks like such a personal, happy occasion. I love so many of the pictures there’s too many to mention, but my absolute favourites are the poloroid, the one of the groom lifting the bride up at the ceremony, and the bride being given advice by a lady wearing a peach outfit. Stunning.

  5. Chloe

    Oh my-that portrait of the family in the paint-peeled room… like something out of Vanity Fair. Josh Goleman is a wedding photography god!

  6. Sharan

    I have to say, the photographs are beautiful and this couple was even MORE beautiful in person.What a lovely family and couple..I loved everything about them. The family, the venue, the vendors..everyone was absolutely amazing. I wish them love, peace, and joy always!
    Love, Reverend Sharan

  7. Brianna

    I saw these on Josh Goleman’s website and fell in love with the bride’s dress…and the groom’s tie! Where did they get the tie?

  8. Amanda Jennings

    Please please can you tell me the name of this dress? Its just what i have been looking for.

    Ps Your pictures are so lovely and looks like you had great fun too

  9. Alexandrea

    Beautiful wedding. If my wedding were in the city this would be it.Nichole, I would love to buy your dress if you are interested. If not can you please let me know the style name? Thank you!

  10. Levi Stolove

    The group shots are great, they have a free casual air to them. Good use of chairs and groupings they make these shots natural and interesting. A hot location and some beautiful daylight doesn’t hurt either. Great work!


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