The Green Vase

The Green Vase

Livia Cetti of The Green Vase is one talented gal. Most of my favorite stories from Martha Stewart Weddings were created by her and the woman is a genius when it comes to fresh flowers. Livia recently launched a new website with some updated work and I am absolutely smitten. How incredible are the paper poppies below?

Diy Paper Flowers Fabric Wedding Pom Poms

To see more of Livia’s beautiful work and ton of inspiration for your wedding, check out her website here.

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8 Responses to “The Green Vase”

  1. Dognbird

    Livia does exquisite work. Love the selections you have highlighted here! The paper poppies are mind blowing!

  2. Bek

    LOVE the bric-a-brac collection photo. I have oh-such-a soft spot for vintage and kitsch collectables cobbled together! And the paper poppies make me swoon.

  3. Sealicious

    Many of those MS editorials are my ultimate favorites too! – I had no idea one person was responsible for them!

  4. sharron richards

    checked out the green vase website,couldn’t find the tissue to order that she says she sells, flowers,or flower to order.One popped up for 35.00 then disappeared quickly.Check out her web,it needs a lot of work. Thanks Sharron


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