Brendan + Jennifer

I absolutely adore these set of images from photographer extraordinaire, Jonathan Ong. Brendan and Jennifer recently wed in Brisbane, Australia and from the looks of it had a marvelous time…

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Photography by Jonathan Ong

Please note: There has been some concern brought up about the environmental impact of releasing balloons. If you are considering doing this for your wedding, Amanda voiced a concern against it in the comment section.

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  1. Tonia

    So creative! I’ve never seen anything like it before. Would love to see more from this wedding! The bride’s style is supa fab. :)

  2. Sara

    Please consider what happens to the heart balloons after you let them go before you decide to include something like that in your wedding.

  3. Amanda

    Yes, this is very cute and done beautifully! However if anyone is contemplating repeating the ballon idea, please keep in mind that releasing balloons into the air has a detrimental impact on our environment as marine life and birds often get tangled or choked and suffocated by the rubber/latex remnants of the burst balloons. Just wanted to keep things full disclosure in the interest of our environment.

  4. Jenny

    I’m so glad that you have enjoyed our wedding pictures, I cannot sufficiently sing the praises of our photographer Jonathan Ong. We felt so relaxed and comfortable, and he never once told us to stop having fun.

    I must attribute the idea of the balloons and the heart sheet, to our dear friends Evelyn and Daniel who were married in Berlin last year. Its a beautiful German wedding tradition. To their balloons, they tied self addressed and stamped postcards for guests to write a special message to them. I am told that some postcards did make it back to their address in the following weeks!

    The balloons worked well for us as we got married upstairs in that building which is a powerhouse on the river. The room was brilliant, but usually used for performing arts so the walls were exposed and grafittied. It worked so well to have the contrast of red heart balloons. As the guests left, each took a red balloon and we made a great procession of guests and floating down balloons down three flights of stairs to the front of the building where that picture was taken! It was so energetic and felt like our hearts were soaring into the sky, as we felt.

    My dear friend Michael handpainted the sheet and how amazing does it look.

    We were quite worried about birds after we released them, and I really hope that no pigeons got hurt. We didn’t think about this point at the time.

    Finally, I have to thank my very talented mother for the dress, she is a seamstress and whipped it up over a few days after we found the vintage looking French lace together. The headpiece was designed by Richard Nylon, a Melbourne miliner after seeing and being inspired by Mum’s dressmaking skills.

    I am very happy to share some of our other wedding ideas which included some fun postcard invitations, a photo booth and photo placecards which surprised our guests.

    Love Jenny

  5. Dana

    Check out Chinese Sky Lanterns. They are beautiful and biodegradable. Would be great for a beach wedding.

  6. Mel

    I agree the sheet is a great idea but would like to add my voice to concern against releasing balloons. They turn up in the stomachs of way too many seabirds and take years to biodegrade. It’s not an inconsequential problem.

  7. Dominique

    This is beautiful! I love the dress..I was wondering where I can get something similar to it

  8. Jen

    Jenny, I LOVE your veil and dress, can you tell us where you found them??

  9. Meghan

    What a bunch of cuties! Love the heart sheet, the postcards attached to balloons, her dress and veil… I could gush all day!

  10. Carly

    Jenny, great job! What a fun wedding. Your mom is a very talented lady for making that beautiful dress! do you have any more pictures of it?


  11. Short dress bride to be

    I am also getting my dress made and love the lace from yours. Where oh where did you find the fabric? I have been looking for something very similar.

  12. Kelsi

    I love the look of the red heart balloons, but I also have to echo that I’ve seen the effects first-hand of sea birds dead on the beach with bellies full of plastics (worked for the federal gov’t on the Oregon Coast, and my fiance and I are avid surfers).

    So much junk is winding up in the oceans from so many sources, and anything bright, shiny, and swallowable looks yummy to a bird. Latex balloons that have gone astray from their owners eventually pop at a high enough altitude and drift back to earth, quite often winding up in the ocean.

    Please think twice before considering having a balloon release at your wedding.

  13. DK

    I agree with Kelsi. Balloon release is harmful to the wild life and environment. Bio-degradble balloons may also pose a threat to wild life before it gets fully decomposed.

    Please think twice before planning to release balloon for your wedding.

  14. ely garza

    i looove the idea, reminds me the end of courses in junior and high school.. when everyone screams and have fun! .. thanks for bringing back those memories!

  15. Lauren

    This all looks just amazing – can you please tell me where this venue is? I am getting married and it looks unique which is what I want

  16. Lauren

    Those photos are fantastic, and I just loooove that dress.

    Jenny, do you have any suggestions as to where to look for a similar styled dress (I’m in Brissie as well)? I really love the old-world lace short dress look!


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