Pink Wedding

I don’t feature a lot of pink on Once Wed which is all more reason when I stumbled on this beautiful story in a past issue of Wedding Style Guide, I knew I had to post it on the blog. I receive surprisingly quite a few emails about inspiration for a pink wedding color palette, so I’m hoping the post below will make up for my lack of pink on Once Wed….


Photography via Wedding Style Guide

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33 Responses to “Pink Wedding”

  1. PJ

    I like it! Not sure how the groom would feel about so much pink ;)
    Her wedding dress looks like a dream! Are there any pics of the front?

    • emily

      Hey PJ

      Sadly, I don’t have any more images of the front:(. It is such a pretty dress…I wish it did though.



  2. Angela

    i am not a huge fan of pink. BUT, i am having a croquembouche, so that picture just made me melt. and macarons, mmmmmmmm.

  3. emily

    Thanks for this post! I’m using a similar palette for the wedding I’m currently planning. Think I’ll be bringing in more antique-creams and browns though.
    Your blog is such an inspiration!

  4. Wedding Style Guide

    Hi PJ and Once Wed bloggers!
    The dress in the picture is by Australian desinger Pallas Bride ( and the gown is called Arlette. There is a pic of the front of the dress on their website so be sure to have a look. It’s a simply gorgeous gown! A big thank you for your fabulos posts Emily. So kind of you!
    Warmest regards
    Emilie Harrison
    Wedding Style Guide

  5. Yvette

    Do you happen to have the issue number of this particular wedding? Never thought pink would ever work at all, but this is magnificent.

  6. Marija

    This wedding looks so elegant and chic! I love the little details, especially the boutonnieres and macaroons :)

  7. Sasha

    I love pink weddings, so pretty and sweet. I’m so sick of rustic, colorful weddings or stark, modern weddings. It’s great to see a beautiful color palette like this.

  8. Wey

    I think pink will be THE colour of the season, it’s kind of due a revival- the whole pink, black, gold of a chanel-esque wedding. I figure as the economy improves, whimsy backyard flags will be out and high-end luxe fabrics, matchiness and dominant colours will be back.

  9. Shar

    Thanks for sharing! I’m having a pink & turquoise wedding but it’s in 10 days. If only I had seen this post a few months ago ;)

  10. Bridget

    i like her take on Laduree look with her cake, table numbers etc. and the macaroons – yumm!

  11. Devon

    what a lovely color palate! any chance you have any info on the gorgeous necklace the lady in pink is wearing?

  12. Wedding Style Guide

    Hello Once Wed bloggers! The story featured is from our spring issue, issue #12 and is available to purchase online in both hard and electronic copies. The polka dot china is by Royal Albert. The bridesmaids dress is by Australian designer Harvey & Ella. There is no website as yet but feel free to email me ( if you have any further questions!
    Emilie Harrison


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