A Philly Wedding

I’m so excited this morning to share the charming wedding of Gabby and Jeff on Once Wed. There really is so much I loveĀ  about this wedding I really don’t even know where to begin…the lovely color palette, pretty paper goods by Bird and Banner, beautiful photography by Charlotte Jenks Lewis, and adorable cake topper by The Small Object. I could go on and on, but think I’ll let Charlotte’s gorgeous images do the talking for me instead…

blue wedding1

Photography by Charlotte Jenks Lewis

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  1. Mouse

    I love this–there is something really sexy about a man in a nice suit holding a big, ruffly bouquet. The bride is beautiful! Radiant!

  2. Katie

    LOVE the different colored laterns… I am helping a friend plan her wedding.. and she is doing a black and white wedding.. and I was thinking the black, white.. and possibly gray laterns would look SMASHING.. where can I find them?!?!

  3. Kathleen Marcel

    What great pictures. I couldn’t help but notice the wedding cake topper above. I love it. It’s very untraditional and looks as if it may be custom. Is it possible to find out where they got it? Did someone make it for them? Please let me know.

  4. Kendra

    I love this wedding-elegant but still filled with personality! And the bride is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Char

    The wedding was at Belmont Mansion in Philly! And it was a LOVELY spot. The ceremony set-up allowed guests to view the city skyline in the background.

  6. April

    There is a sparkle of magic in the couple’s eyes. It shows that they are so much in love. I especially love the cake design and the cake toppers look so cute! Great wedding to behold….

  7. Becca

    Thank you for this wedding – I cannot express enough how much I appreciate seeing such a beautiful multi-racial, multi-religious couple featured here. The joy is so obvious and overwhelming. And I want to eat the cookies and revel in those centerpieces. Thank you!

  8. GG

    Thanks for all the really wonderful comments. the combined team of Charlotte Jenks Lewis photography and the ladies of Bird and Banner (one of whom was the Matron of Honor) really helped make our wedding so wonderful. The cake is from Brown Betty Bakery and it tasted as great as it looked. We were extremely lucky to have truly wonderful vendors on our side!

  9. Hannah

    To the Bride – you look STUNNING. Is your dress Manuel Mota? Because it looks just like mine :) I love the green sash.

    Oh, and I love your whole wedding!

  10. GG

    Thank you for all the great comments. The wedding dress was actually designed and made by my mom who did an amazing job and it was truly the best wedding present we got!

  11. Quinn

    LOVE your wedding! Who did these invitations? I LOVE them, and where can you find those cake toppers?

  12. GG

    Hi Quinn,

    The invitations were done by the amazingly talented ladies of Bird and Banner. Nicole and Erin have lovely taste equal to their talent. The cake topper was from The Small Object– one of my favorite things in our wedding.

  13. Laura

    GG –

    It’s been over a year but hopefully you’re reliving your wedding and checking this page. I’m interested in having my wedding at the Belmont Mansion and would love your thoughts on the venue! Also, this tent looks much nicer than the one on the webpage!



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