Libby + Greg II

Annabel from Belathée Photography was there to capture Libby and Greg’s wedding that took place on the other side of the country in New York. The bride’s dress was absolutely gorgeous with flower and ruffle details along the top and around the bottom of the skirt. I feel like anything baby’s breath has a tendency to receive such a bad rap, but when used with restraint it can be absolutely beautiful like in the bride’s bouquet below. Plus, it is very inexpensive!

new york farm wedding ideas

Photography by Belathée Photography

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  1. Jen

    What a beautiful wedding. Love the baby’s breath bouquet for her. I also love his suit – do you know where he got it?

  2. Catherine

    wow I don’t normally comment but that last shot is A. MAZ. ING.

    Also, what a gorgeous couple!

  3. KC

    Wow, wow, wow, so beautiful. I love that the engagement party had splashes of color but the wedding looked to be all neutrals. Gorgeous. Also, that little tiny tyke in the suit (ring bearer?) is darling and that is the hunkiest groom I’ve seen in 6 months of wedding blog stalking. Congratulations Libby and Greg!

  4. K

    I love the black and white shoes – does anyone know the designer? if anyone can help me find them i’d greatly appreciate it.

  5. Taryn

    Everything perfect in one wedding – gorgeous couple, a perfectly natural setting, true emotion and RESTRAINT! I love this example of how simple can still be beautiful….brava, Libby!

  6. Shauna

    Wow- this wedding is stunning. Is it possible to find out the venue used in NY? Or was it a private farm?
    Thank you!

  7. Jessica

    I absolutely LOVE that dress as well – can someone please pass along the designer’s name??

  8. Jeremy Harwell

    Such a beautiful wedding!! The couple is so beautiful they could be professional models.
    Annabel does simply beautiful,elegant work, which I greatly admire. Great post!

  9. Libby

    Thank you everyone so all the wonderful comments.
    The venue is NY is Blue Hill Stone Barns a lovely lovely farm. I actually got my dress from the Barney’s Warehouse sale and the tag was cut out so I don’t know who the designer was. Greg’s suit is from Freeman’s Sporting Club. For those of you interested in where I got my dress for the engagement party, it was from French Connection in the summer.

    Thanks again. I am glad you enjoyed our beautiful day. Belathee do an absolutely amazing job documenting such special occasions.


  10. April

    The couple look good together! I love simple country weddings, quite solemn, and sincere! The dessert table looks yummy!

  11. Chloe

    How beautiful! I absolutely love this wedding-such amazing, timeless portraits and details. Another gorgeous wedding you’ve found Emily!

  12. Lex Cut

    Beautiful! The bride look gorgeous! No wonder the groom was smitten by her beauty. The flock of sheep adds romance to the already romantic photo!

    The cake and bites looks really yummy! *grabs cookies on fridge*

  13. gina

    I love this wedding but especially the bouquet! Is that just baby’s breath? What are the leaves at the base?

  14. Jessica

    I LOVE LOVE the groom’s suit and the baby’s breath bouquet. I’m planning on making my own bouquet and I would LOVE to know what it’s made of! Thanks a ton!!

  15. Lesley

    every time i see a wedding on your site i think “this is my favorite!”, but really…this is amazing. the animals, the farm, her DRESS! gorgeous!!!

  16. Lisi

    Agree that everything is just gorgeous–but what I want to know about is the SHOES. These shoes AND the shoes at the engagement party. Please, I absolutely have to know where they are from!!!

  17. frances

    oh my gosh, i love this dress so much but i have no idea to how get a similar one? does anyone know what sort of details there are at the top of the dress?

    libby, are you interested in selling your dress? i really love it so so much and it’s my dream wedding dress!!!


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