I’m not one to post a lot of celebrity weddings or magazine scans on Once Wed, but when I spotted Christina Hendricks wedding to Geoffrey Arend in the recent issue of In Style Weddings…I couldn’t resist sharing a bit here with you. Not only am I huge fan of the show Mad Men, but their flowers were designed by Saipua and they dressed their entire bridal party in vintage…swoon.




Stay tuned tomorrow for a festive and fun DIY project perfect for any party!


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myra :: twigs & honey | Reply

this is a very lovely wedding! Thanking you for sharing it! I love the warmth & richness. :)

annie @ marry you me | Reply

What a great wedding! Love that it was simple and warm feeling – not cookie cutter at all! And those bridesmaids!!

margaux | Reply

LOVE the wedding party in vintage vibe! brilliant!

Stephanie S. | Reply

I think you made a good exception here. These are amazing! I love how intimate and unique this event looks. Not your typical hollywood wedding affair.

This actress is so beautiful, I just love how the warm colors enhance her features.

Hannahbelle | Reply

Lovely, lovely! This is so beautiful.

Vanny | Reply

That cake looks amazing! I love the brides dress!<3

Sarah | Reply

When I heard about Christina and Geoffrey I thought it was such a bizarre pairing, but it looks like bizarre is beautiful in this case! How lovely!

nicole b. | Reply

Two people in love, nothing bizarre about that! Congrats to the stunning bride and her handsome groom. My fiance and I have been avid fans of Mad Men since the beginning. We love “Joan”. Thanks for sharing Christina’s wedding!

Braedon Photography | Reply

My favorite shot is the bride with her bridesmaids. I love the bride’s look in that shot!

AD | Reply

I honestly can’t get enough of the vintagey wedding thing right now. Also, of Christina Hendricks.

Mary Lorraine | Reply

I can’t see her in a wedding without thinking of the Firefly episode wherein her character marries Mal and then tries to kill him. Just throwing in that nerdy aside.

Chantale@labellebride | Reply

life imitating art. love it!

jessica | Reply

love all the bridesmaids’ headpieces!

Kaitlin | Reply

Mary Lorraine: I’m so glad you brought that up. I thought I was the only one thinking of YoSaffBridge ;)

mart and lu | Reply

i love it. the bride is gorgeous. what a fantastic idea!

kate h | Reply

I love mad men! She’s my fav. Thanks for sharing.

Chaucee | Reply

A mad men wedding? I love the title from the start and the pictures are stupendous! (I felt like that adjective was a bit 10 year old ish, but it truly is)

Laura Jean | Reply

Can you tell me who the men’s suit designer is?
And the designer of the dress that the bridesmaid that is directly left of the bride is wearing?

Kate | Reply

I just love that look, it is almost olde English but somewhat contemporary as well. Bride and groom bth look fantastic, thanks for sharing.

Lydia, Clueless Crafter | Reply

I wish to have milky skin like that. She is such a beautiful woman – an almost antique vision of a virginal, yet seductive bride. Wow!

Amanda Montgomery | Reply

mind blown! this is such a beautiful wedding!! i love the dresses and the details fit the look so well! congrats to the beautiful couple!!

Heather @ Rendez-vous in Paris | Reply

*Swoon* is right! How picture perfect those details are!

Nina | Reply

Wow, she is just so naturally beautiful! love her look and style, here and on camera!

Pensacola Beach weddings | Reply

Beautiful dress and cute friends too!

Kristina | Reply


i love Joan. I almost gave up on madmen last season without her. And then they brought her back at the end. sooo pretty. and so refreshing to see a celeb wedding that isn’t tacky and overdone.

Is that not fair? do they sometimes have cute, creative weddings?

good post emily!

Elie's Papel | Reply

She is such a classy lady!!! She looks amazing and her hair color matching his tie is such a cute idea!!!!

Shirin | Reply

How beautiful. That cake looks so delicious I wonder what flavor it is. And the bridesmaid to Christina’s right – that dress is stunning!

Peter | Reply

great blog, I can’t wait to read more.

Vintage Clothing Melbourne | Reply

Yeah, even at her wedding she looks like the real deal. She is beautiful and has a touch of class when wearing vintage.

She is brillant in Mad Men
Beaut xxx