This week has kept me super busy working on fun and exciting new things for Once Wed, so I apologize this real wedding post from the incredible Braedon Photography is up a day late. The adorable couple, Laura and Ryan, were married in an old rustic barn on a not-so-sunny California day.











The reception with all its charming details is up next…


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Tara | Reply

This is one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen.

nicole b. | Reply

The bride is stunning!

Manda | Reply

Lovely, such a pretty bride. I love that she wore boots. I may do the same with getting married in Ireland with all the rain.

Nicole | Reply

Gorgeous! Love the neutral cardigans.

Jen | Reply

This wedding could not be more beautiful. I almost think that they are LUCKY it rained. That soft gray light on all the white dresses and flowers is perfection. Bright sunshine just wouldn’t have been the same.

Absolutely stunning. Congrats to the couple!

lauren | Reply

Ohhh I love all the sweaters. They are just what I am looking for. Anyone know where they are from?

Dina | Reply

such a pretty bride!

Courtney | Reply

These photos are beautiful, and how lucky the photographer was that the bride and groom were willing to bare the rain for these beautiful portraits. And that bouquet is just perfect!

Stacey Ilyse Photography | Reply

This is so, so lovely. the soft sweaters and the soft lighting, the creamy vases…pitch perfect.

Kimberly | Reply

Absolute perfection! I think the rain actually made it more gorgeous.

Ling | Reply

I think it’s fantastic that the bridesmaids were in off-white colors! That’s awesome, and the first time I’ve seen it.

Chaucee | Reply

Gorgeous bride! And I love the sweater she is wearing in some of the pictures with the gown.

Ani Guide | Reply

I am looking for a rustic barn in California, is that a private one or does anyone know the location/name?

Christina | Reply

Lovely. Her sweater is from Anthropologie… I’ve been eyeing it for my wedding!

MaeMae | Reply

hands down favorite wedding i have EVER seen. the photos are like paintings. enviable.

Asha | Reply

Incredible. I never thought a rainy day wedding could be so perfect.

Lex Cut | Reply

Rain is considered a blessing. So I guess this wedding was blessed. I love the boots and umbrellas!

erin | Reply

i agree with all these comments, the bride looks so amazing. can you tell us where you got your sweater!! :)

Pat | Reply

Unbelievable. Magical. Astounding visuals.

Meegan | Reply

Also who makes her dress, I love it!

bethany | Reply

I want to mimic every detail! (Mockery is flattery, right?!) Absolutely stunning. Where are the bridesmaid dresses and sweaters from??

Ancarol | Reply

Amaze rain wedding with the her dress So romance all the feeeeling around there ; )

Dee | Reply

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Is this a real wedding? Unbelievable.

Nettie | Reply

the rain adds an extra layer of charm. and i love the boots! its just lovely!

traci | Reply

i also love the sweaters! please post where they are from…
stunning wedding.

{this is glamorous} | Reply

stunning! how i adore the plaid tie

olivia | Reply

absolutely stunning! anyone know where the bridesmaid dresses are from?

Jamie | Reply

I found the sweater! It’s from Anthropologie and it’s name is the “Small Packages Cardi.” I just ordered one for my wedding next week!

Amélie | Reply

Amazing! It’s the most beautiful wedding pictures I’ve ever seen! Love the boots and the cardigans! It’s truly romanic and simple.

emily | Reply

The sweater is from anthropologie. So cute!

Kamilla | Reply

I’ve been searching for a perfect weddingdress for a year – now I’ve found the best inspiration, she is so beautiful..

Laura McGuire | Reply

What an amazing job Tricia Fountaine (the floral designer/stylist) did with this theme. love it all!! The barn is available for events. Dos Pueblos Ranch, Santa Barbara, Ca.

Leslie | Reply

I LOVE her dress! Does anyone know where it is from?

Jen | Reply

My guess is the dress was custom made. It is VERY close to Amsale’s Coco, however here the sweetheart is less exaggerated. It’s actually a lot prettier than Amsale’s style.

Amanda | Reply

Her dress was custom made. It’s in the oncewed pre-owned wedding dress section. She says it’s similar to an Amsale dress, Cassandra, if I recall correctly.

Amanda L. | Reply

I absolutely love the sweater as well but as it is now September, it is no longer at Anthropologie. Does anyone know where I can purchase a worn one? Jamie – are you looking to sell? :) My wedding is in October so I am on the hunt!

Jessica Cooper | Reply

I absolutely love this barn! I was wondering where this barn is??


claudia@stonehouselove | Reply

Finally found the source! Love this wedding and used this bouquet as my inspiration for my florist!!

The rain made it more lovely!

Rachel | Reply

ADORABLE!!! rain on a wedding day is good luck – trust me :)

Where are the boots from? LOVE.

anastasia | Reply

i was wondering where she got the dress custom made? i love it and wanted to have the same made but am worried about quality

anastasia | Reply

oh. if possible, please eMail me at anastasiamariep@gmail.com with where it was made. i really love it!

jillian | Reply

i was wondering where this barn is located???

Bri | Reply

Yes! Does anyone know where this is??


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