A Stitch in Time

I’m feeling much better this morning and so very excited to share this adorable inspiration shoot that Courtney from Merriment Events (little white book) sent over. It was a collaboration between Courtney, Janie Medley of JM Flora (The Brides Café) and Ryan and Kelly of Kellan Studios. Here are the lovely details from Courtney…

Story behind the shoot… Janie and I just love working together on “inspiration” shoots. They’re one step beyond inspiration boards and really show a bride how to bring an idea to life. And, they couldn’t be more fun to concept and design.

A Stitch in Time is based off the true story of an engagement – the engagement of two of my clients, Natalie and Lincoln.

stitch-in-time-2 stitch-in-time-19 stitch-in-time-8

It was a tradition in Lincoln’s family at Christmastime that his parents would string a piece of yarn through the house…around chairs, through doorways, down hallways. At the end of the string of yarn, the children would find a special gift meant just for them. Lincoln adapted this tradition when he proposed to Natalie, tying special pieces of memorabilia to the string of yarn…concert tickets, love notes…for Natalie to find on her way to him.

Kimberly of Chez Sucre Chez made the most heartfelt pattern embroidered with the name of our shoot and four hoops that spelled out the word love.

stitch-in-time-13 stitch-in-time-16 stitch-in-time-4 stitch-in-time-3 stitch-in-time-15 stitch-in-time

The yarn was such a point of inspiration for us. It conjured up all sorts of handmade, folk-inspired details….vintage spools of thread, mismatched drawer pulls, old fashioned bundt cakes and cross stitch patterns.


stitch-in-time-17 stitch-in-time-9 stitch-in-time-10 stitch-in-time-18

more to come…

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27 Responses to “A Stitch in Time”

  1. Julianne Smith

    wow! this is so beautiful and special! i love the story behind it. as a knitter, it shows that yarn and crafts don’t have to be boring and old fashioned! thanks for sharing!

  2. Gayle Kaler

    What a beautiful way to show how traditions weave families together. Much happiness to the couple.

  3. Natalie

    I am the Natalie from the real engagement story, which inspired this theme! I am blown away, just as I was when Lincoln proposed. Great job. I can’t wait to show Lincoln. xoxo

  4. nichole

    everything is supercute – and so is your ruffled top natalie! might you share the details on that gem? :) thank you!

  5. Susan Jiannine

    Beautiful concept. The couples essence was really captured. I know because that is my beautiful daughter and her wonderful boyfriend. Lovely job!!!

  6. Caroline Curtin

    Love love love this wedding! do you know where she found her cheese cloth bags? I’m wanting to screenprint some for my wedding and I have no idea where to look!


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