Create a fun, simple centerpiece that looks like a hill filled with wildflowers! This project is fairly simple to make as well as a cost effective alternative to bouquets of fresh flowers. The “hills” can be made ahead of time and the fresh flowers added on the day of the wedding. Add some charm into the mix by placing a painted wooden bride and groom in front of a paper chapel on the top of the hill. Click more below to see the rest…

Anna Bond



1. flowers (try to use small flowers with long stems), 2. strainers or colanders, 3. wire cutter, 4. sheet moss, 5. scissors, 6. small pots or vases, 7. wooden people (for decoration), 8. hot glue gun


First, using a wire cutter, cut out holes in the mesh strainer where you would like to place the flowers. I decided to use a mesh strainer so that I could cut out the holes exactly where I wanted but you could also use a colander with larger holes already in place.


After cutting out the holes begin gluing pieces of sheet moss on top of the upside down bowl. Once it’s covered turn over the bowl and poke through each of the holes in to be sure that there’s an open space to pull your flower through.


Next, begin inserting flowers through the moss and into your container under the bowl.  I used small pots filled with water but you could also try placing floral foam into a shallow bowl. Whichever vessel you decide to use be sure to place it on a small tray or plate so that that centerpiece can be moved if needed.


Finally, decorate the top of your little hill with a painted wooden couple and a paper chapel. You could also use a simpler paper flag table number or add paper animals, little mushrooms or other small objects around the hill.


where to buy:
wooden couple: Michael’s
mesh strainers: Target
sheet moss: Michael’s

Project created by Anna Bond of Rifle Design


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Mara | Reply

what a cool idea!

Emshaw | Reply

I love this!! I have been looking for an original, DIY centerpiece for our wedding and I think this could be it!!!

Mo | Reply

Oh dear, SO CUTE. Absolutely in love with this.

fatalefemme | Reply

Terribly cute! You could even just take those small pots from underneath instead of using the colander, fill them with floral foam, pick in your flowers, and cover any exposed foam with the moss after- we’d do that sort of thing all the time at the floral shop I used to work for. Chic and easy, and quick!

The Wedding Contessa | Reply

Really creative and really cute! You could also cover a cone shaped piece of Styrofoam and turn it into a Christmas tree. Add little baubles, strings of pearls, ribbon bows and put the bride and groom standing by the tree for a holiday centerpiece. (Spray the bride and groom with spray glue and add white diamond dust glitter for extra sparkle.)

Carrie @ CarrieCan | Reply

That really is adorable! Love the figurines!

emwedding photographer | Reply


I like your idea.I am following many blogs on wedding and commenting first time on yours.
It is quite creative .

Lydia, Clueless Crafter | Reply

These are little mini utopias! Nestling the bride and groom in their own, lush world makes this centerpiece really whimsical and fantastical.

If you live in Manhattan, Jamali in the flower district is great for these supplies.

Emily & Allegra | Reply

This is such a cute idea! I love learning how to create something that is so ingenious. Thank you for the detailed photos and the how to!!! We know it’s a lot of work to teach via blog but we love it!

dining set | Reply

This is a great idea! But it looks like it needs lot of patience to perfect it!

Angie | Reply

This is so adorable. What a pretty and unique centrepiece.

Wedding Chicks | Reply

great idea! a fun new twist on the centerpiece!!

Christina N Dickson | Reply

Fabulous. Fabulous idea.

anthony teo | Reply

this is so COOL~

tammy | Reply

Omg, thats the sweetest idea x

jen jafarzadeh | Reply

oh I love this! I want a little moss hill for my desk :)

Rachel | Reply

That is DARLING! I love this so, so much! I’ll be linking.

Karen | Reply

Those wedding centrepieces are incredibly sweet! Thanks for the informative guide on how to create them as well :)

Lori | Reply

I’m a crafter who has little (er, um, NO) experience with paints. What kind of paint should I use to decorate these little wooden people? And after they’re painted should I ‘seal’ them with something, or gloss them?

Many thanks,

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décor mirrors Gal | Reply

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