I love the idea of formally asking those  whom you would like to be in your bridal party. I sent out a cards for my own wedding so that inspired me to come up with a cute project to do the same. I adore the paper chain people that we all learned to make in grade school and this project uses that simple concept to introduce your bridesmaids to everyone. Cut out the shape of the dress you plan on using in the color you desire and personalize each person with some paper hair. To complete the set I created a little card asking “Will you be my bridesmaid?” and included the wedding details as well as how and where to order the dresses. To find instructions and more details about this diy wedding project, click “more” below…


Anna of Rifle Design





1. craft paper (for clothes & hair), 2. paper for bodies, 3. envelopes, 4. ruler, 5. scissors, 6. pencil, eraser & a glue stick



First, be sure that your chain will fit in the envelope you chose. I decided to make my chain about 6 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide to fit in an A7 envelope. Draw tick marks every 3.5 inches (or whatever width you chose) on the top and bottom of the paper for how many people you want to cut out (I chose 6).



Cut out your rectangle and score the paper vertically between each set of tick marks. This will make folding easier and more accurate. Then, fold the paper accordion style.


On the top of the stack draw the shape of your person. Be sure to draw the arms and legs to the edge of the paper so that they will be attached into a chain after you cut it out.



Next, cut out the person shape and open up your masterpiece chain! Decorate your ladies with dresses of your choice and different hairstyles to personalize them. I also drew faces and painted their names on each one.


To complete the set I wrapped a band of paper around the chain and information card and wrote the name of the person I was to be sending it to.


Martha Stewart 18″x18″ craft paper

Project created by Anna Bond of Rifle Design


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joanna goddard | Reply

i love this!!!! TOO CUTE!!!

ashley | Reply

so cute and totally unique!

True Blind Faith | Reply

The paper dolls are too cute! I’d coordinate the hair color/style with the actual bridemaids

Pamela | Reply

This is absolutely adorable! It makes me want to get married all over again so that I could send this to my girls.

Caitlin | Reply

This is so unique and wonderful!

I wish I had waited a little long to tell my bridesmaids now!

Kelli | Reply

oh, my!!! this is the cutest thing ever.

TH | Reply

Too cute! I wish we would have bridesmaid for my wedding so I can do this.

Sarah | Reply

such a great idea!! so cute.

kate | Reply

now that is so adorable! totally clever!

Erin | Reply

I am falling off my sofa right now in a huge le swoon. LOVE!!!

Megan | Reply

Well, I was searching high and low for creative ways to ask my bridesmaids, and I think I’ve found it (as well as a weekend project!).

The challenge: I’m pretty sure I’m going to ask my best guy friend to stand up with me, too. It will be interesting to see if I can turn the last skirted lady into a pants-wearing man. :)

Thanks, Anna!

Lisa Marie, Orange & Blossom | Reply

Wow. Who wouldn’t love to receive these in the mail?! For the person with lots of time, the personalization could go on and on… sunglasses, handbags, hats…! A lovely & thoughtful project idea.

Khinna | Reply

This would be a great idea for a family party. You could do a little mini family for gatherings. LOVE IT!

Lindsay | Reply

My best friend (and Maid of Honor in my upcoming wedding) and I made these cards for MY wedding, and now she gets requests for them through her Etsy site — she customizes the colors based on the wedding colors:


Natalie | Reply


Danielle | Reply

Too bad I already asked my bridesmaids…

But it would be perfect to say ‘thank you’ after the wedding? =]

Simonne Almeida | Reply

Hi! Lovely the idea. I love Once Wed.

Jillian | Reply

This is such a great personal idea…and you also get to know the other bridesmaids are. Thats always awkward. Thanks Anna!

alexismaia | Reply

I love this project! Paper dolls are fun to make, cute and I think you could run with the idea and use it for other events besides weddings (showers? tea parties? clothing swap?). I am curious: is the script on the envelope and invitation your handwriting or a typeface? If it is a typeface—what is it called?

Dana Cordova | Reply

Fantastic idea, so cute!

abby | Reply

absolutely adorable. note to self: must do this if ever getting married.

Jhan | Reply

This is so so so super cute!
Can I borrow the idea? Will do the same?

Thanks a bunch!

Laurel | Reply


the daily smudge | Reply

adorable… finally a grown-ups use for paper dolls!!

Fete | Reply

great idea!! should’ve done it for my wedding..

Jacqueline | Reply

The cutest idea I’ve seen by far – I’ve been trying to think of a creative way to ask my bridesmaids to be a part of my wedding – this is at the top of my list!

LCIPaper | Reply

What a clever and fun idea! I loved it so much I wrote my own blog article on it!

Jess | Reply

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!!!

Shashi | Reply

I love her work, she’s so talented.

Bess | Reply

What a wonderful idea! I would love to receive one of these in the mail – or better yet, send some!

Rosann | Reply

I love your writing style. I’m looking for a similar font so I can try to come close to it for my invites.

erica | Reply

these are so stinkin’ cute!

Amanda | Reply

Oh my, I’m keeping this in my “future wedding” bookmarks that I hide from my boyfriend lol

Jess | Reply

One day, when Husfriend decides he’s ready to FINALLY propose, this is going to be my favorite part.

Is it normal to be loving the hair on the paper dolls the most? Didn’t think so.


Marty J. | Reply

Love this! I’m not having bridesmaids, but this is such a great idea! I’m linking/featuring this on my Friday dance!

chelle | Reply

i just did this a few weeks ago to ask my bridesmaids! but I made paper dolls. each girl was made with her underoo’s painted on and then i cut out little dresses with tabs so they could dress themselves!

Becka @Studio222 Photography | Reply

I’m in love with everything you create

raynette | Reply

love love love

Jo | Reply

So much fun!! I’ve no plan to marry any time soon, but I will definitely remember this when the time comes!!

Vanessa | Reply

What would you do if your bridesmaids had different skin colors?

Don Crouse | Reply

Once wed is a great resource for planning and getting ideas for weddings. Thanks!

Hannah (SugarBlossom) | Reply

This is such a simple and effective idea-, love it!
I have shared on my blog x

Nicole | Reply

Love love love! Can anyone recommend a font that is similar to Anna’s handwriting?

Holly Anne Photography | Reply

These are so cute! They would be fun for little girls birthday party invitations too!

Anna Bond (RIFLE) | Reply

TO VANESSA: You could easily paint some of the girl’s skin individually once they’re cut out or cut out a body shape with different colored paper (just as the hair can be cut will all different colors and styles).

TO NICOLE: I’m not sure of a font that’s very similar to my handwriting here but I love this script font called Apricot. It has some similarities.

Nancy Ward | Reply


Today I posted an entry on my blog with a link to this tutorial.

Would you let me know if that’s OK?


Nancy Ward

Lara | Reply

Omg that typeface is so cute, Is it her handwriting?

cecelia | Reply

i took this idea and ran! it was a huge hit. i even used yellow and orange for my bridemaid’s with blonde and red hair. it was totally adorable. they loved it! i put together a small vase of colored roses along with the card since i was giving it to them in person to make it extra special.

mandylifeboats | Reply

wish i knew someone planning a wedding. how cute is that. i will save the idea for my 21-y.o. daughter; she hasn’t met mr. right yet, tho!

Teresa | Reply

This is great! I´m so glad I found this… Sure to use it for my next girls-get-together invitations! Thanks a lot!

FairyTale Wedding Favors | Reply

This is too cute! I formally asked my bridesmaids to be a part of my wedding with cards as well…this is just a great idea!

pinkie | Reply

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! Do you have a template for the card? If you are willing to share, I’d love to use it!

Alicia | Reply

ITs soooooooooooooo cute… i really like it =)

Jane | Reply

This is soooo cute…I’ve been planning on sending my girls some kind of note so they all know who else is in the ‘dream team’…i think this is perfect! I’m going to adapt the idea sightly and write a note about each girl, what they do, where they are based, their basic contact details: phone numbers/email addresses etc on the back and then let them get on with planning the hen!!!! Thanks ! x

Carrie | Reply

What does it say beneath “Will you be my Bridesmaid?” I’m guessing it announced the engagement, but what else was included?

Fiona | Reply

That is just fabulous. I particularly like the different hair. You could have it all different colours if you had a mix of blonde, brunette and redhead bridesmaids.

Dani | Reply

Where did you get the paper for the bodies? what size do you need?

Teisha | Reply

Do you have any templates for the hair, dress or the body very cute…i’m asking my bridesmaids this weekend does seem to hard to make.

Shannon Dexter | Reply

LOVE this idea. I seriously swooned when I read this.

Claire | Reply

Love this idea. Very cute. Brings back lovely memories of playing paper dolls with friends.

Lauren Lee | Reply

Thanks so much for the great tutorial! I made ones for my bridesmaids and posted them on my blog with your link as well: http://laurenandco.wordpress.com/2010/06/21/be-my-bridesmaid/

Heather | Reply

I saw this tutorial when it was first posted last summer and loved it! I had just gotten engaged, but our wedding wasn’t for another 21 months, so I waited to ask my girls to be in my bridal party. Just last week I sent them my own version – http://heaskedisaidyes.blogspot.com/2010/06/drumroll-please.html. Thanks so much for the great inspiration!!

rivernorthlove | Reply

I love these they are adorable! Can’t wait to share with my readers {www.rivernorthlove.blogspot.com}

Lindsie | Reply

I have a ten-year-old sister whom I’m trying to include in my planning process as much as possible. I had her help me create a sample of this project for myself, and it turned out to be a great project to do together.
I can’t wait to finish a set and later send them out to my bridesmaids!

Kelsey | Reply

I just finished these the other night and all in one sitting. They turned out fantastic! They each would have gotten a phonecall if I hadn’t stumbled on these adorable invites. A word of advice, I only had 4 to make and it took me about 3 hours, so if you have 6+ you might need to set aside the weekend.

Irene | Reply

Hi Ladies, can someone tell me what type of paper they used to make the cut-out girls? I bought poster board and it was too thick to cut once stacked. Please help! I really want to make these!

Kelsey thanks for sharing info on the time you actually spent doing this. What type/size of paper did you use?? Thanks all!

Samantha | Reply

What does it say on the invite? I’m looking for a sample, after all it’s not the wedding invitation. What should I include in mine?

A L'Amour Bridal in Barrington, Illinois | Reply

Great idea! So different and unique!

Angela | Reply

I love these, but I don’t have the time right now to make them myself. Is there someone who is selling these? I want something very similar to the pictures posted above, but in customized colors. Please contact me – I’d like to purchase five of them!

KY | Reply

I agree with Angela above…I’d love to order these as the girls who did it warned it took a LONG time & lots of work! Anyone selling these customized?? Its so cute I may have to just try it otherwise… but I’d love to buy 5 of them to my colors etc.

Alyx | Reply

adorable indeed :) but you got have some skills to do that..thanks for sharing

nicole | Reply

LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Our wedding was going to either have way too many bridesmaids/groomsmen, or very few. We opted to keep it small and just have a MOH and BM. I decided to send these to all my ‘wing girls’ who I would have asked to be in the wedding if we went the way of a large bridal party. I wanted them to know how important they all have been to me over the years. I thanked them for their friendship and love and asked them to be my ‘honary bridesmaids’…and just to continue supporting us, make sure I don’t have food in my teeth at the reception and help keep people on the dance floor all night! :) I am sending them out in the mail this week- I can’t wait to hear their responses! Thanks for the great tutorial Anna!

Crystal | Reply

I love this so much that I took the idea to make my bridesmaids something very similar. Only I took it to another level! Check out my final product here:


Thank you so much for the inspiration! Fabulous idea! :)

Sharon | Reply

My daughter and I just made these to ask her 7 bridesmaids and 3 flowers girls! They are adorable! I would recommend making a template for the dolls, dress, and hair styles. Being craft-challenged, I didn’t figure this out until the second set of dolls! SO much easier, and then they all matched!

Megan | Reply

Hey, love the project. But is there a pattern? I can’t find it.

Felecia - Nc wedding photographer | Reply

Very cute idea! I wish I had thought of this when I asked my girls to be in our wedding. What a great tangible memory for the bridesmaids to have as a keepsake!

Allison | Reply

I made this for my girls and it was adorable. To make a pattern for the actual doll I used Microsoft Word and used the shapes to draw the doll. It worked really well, I am not good at free hand drawing. I used felt for the dresses and mixed it up with two different colors. I also used rhinestones to add embellishments to the dresses. I used letter stickers to add each one of their names to the bottoms of the dresses. They all loved their paperdoll chains! Here is my final product: http://universalwebsites.theknot.com.s3.amazonaws.com/UniversalWebsites/PageMainImage/7248307923203451/332352/4757501/med/DSC02472.JPG

alyx | Reply

I love to draw and cut to shape

nicole | Reply

The only problem i’m running into is finding a piece of paper large enough! Apparently that Martha Stewart 18×18 paper is discontinued, and I’ve heard using poster board does not really have the same effect. Any advice? (I have 8 bridesmaids… don’t judge!)

Alana | Reply

Newest follower!
Love the cut out doll idea!! So super cute!!

Bonnie | Reply

I made these last week for my girls. Thank you so much for the adorable idea!!!

Ashley | Reply

@Nicole – I have 8 as well. I use a 12×12 paper to make 6 and I had to glue 2 more dolls to make 8. I thought it would look funny but you can’t even tell.

Meghan Ely of OFD Consulting | Reply

Super unique touch- love it!

AshinMT | Reply

Even if i already asked them informally (over the phone) would it still be cute to send these out? Thoughts?

Meg | Reply

@AshinMT: I think no matter what, the ladies who are going to be your bridesmaids know it’s coming. They are the people that mean the most to you, that you called right away when you got engaged, that you have already consulted on the groom, the dress, the location, etc. So of course if you already called them a cute little invite would be nice. If nothing else it will be a keepsake for your friendship. All my ladies know something is coming because I had to ask for addresses…doh, but I am still really looking forward to making these and sending them out. Have fun with it while your energy and ambition for being a crafty bride are still in full force! Right?

Flower | Reply


I am in love with this idea…but i am having a hard time coordinating the right colors to you can someone help??

The girls dress are long and navy blue..and for their bouquet red orange/yellow shades of flower (fall wedding).. and there will be ivory as well in the wedding as a whole…so, so far i have the blue paper for the dresses but i dont know which type of paper to use for the body and what color should the envelope be etc…any suggestion/thoughts would be appreciated! :)


Anna Saltzman | Reply

I know that it has been forever since this was posted, but I have saved this project for when I finally got engaged! I just tried these bridesmaids cards and sent them out to my bridesmaids. It’s quite time consuming, but very worth it in the end. I blogged about my experience, and there are some pictures in my post if you are interested: http://www.ilovepezzulli.com/2011/07/bridesmaids-cards-worth-it.html

Kimberly | Reply

I saw this website, and made them for my girls! Very time-intensive, but they turned out incredible! I love them and can’t wait to hear what my girls! :)

Jamie | Reply

OMG I love this with the little ladies. Very cute

Lisa | Reply

These are really cute! I am definitely doing this for my bridesmaids who I will be asking soon!

clair estelle | Reply

Another great idea! So cute and fun!

xing feng | Reply

It looks very beautiful. Next time my friends is getting married, I am gonna tell them about this card. cheers.

Nbia Davila Campos | Reply

Me fascinan todas las ideas que tienen
muy interesantes y bellas.

Brendi | Reply

A very nice idea with an individual invitation for a bridesmaid. I’ve mentioned before that you have a lot of talent for manual work. You create beautiful things.