How sweet is this country wedding below? Who knew record themed table numbers, mismatched plates, kraft paper, pink peonies, and bunting banner could make for one swell party…










Images from kat heyes via Mika78


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maggie | Reply

So gorgeous! Love the bright pops of color.

brandi | Reply

Can someone PULLLLEEEEEZE ask the bride how she made the table name holders? We are doing a themed wedding as well, and I really want the names to have a special height on the table, like her record/artist names.


True Blind Faith | Reply

The bright vintage colors and mismatched plates make me smile.

Cori Jessy (August and Everything After) | Reply

Gosh I want those plates to eat off everyday! Where do people get those things?

This is a lovely wedding. Lovely desserts too, yum!

Bowie Bride | Reply

My “ooohs” got progressively louder as I scrolled down the page. Stunning wedding. Like WHOA.

Anastasia | Reply

I love this wedding! It’s sort of the theme I’ve been considering. The records are so cute!

The Perfect Palette | Reply

we’re LOVING THIS wedding!

tea | Reply

My daughter is using mismatched china for her upcoming reception. We’ve been scouring Goodwill, Salvation Army and other secondhand stores as well as estate sales and craiglist. Our goal is to pay no more than $2 a plate on average. There is a lot of pretty stuff out there is you look in the right places

mo | Reply

i love this wedding so much! the heart-shaped balloons are so so pretty.

Monika | Reply

When I saw the corner of the house, I thought “hmm, looks like England, actually, looks like Cornwall”. After seeing the pictures in flickr, I am pretty sure it “is” Cornwall.

Gorgeous wedding! Especially love the flowers!

Monika | Reply

Oh — and for those who didn’t check the flickr set, those dishes are rented out! Brilliant idea!


sara | Reply

oooh! i just found your site! i LOVE wedding sites SO. VERY. MUCH. yay! it’s lovely. :)

shannon | Reply

wow! i love this country wedding! i’ve gotten great ideas for mine from this wedding cakes gallery but now i have inspiration for place settings!!

Rachel Nickel | Reply

love this wedding! Classic yet unique!

Jill Fiala | Reply

I adore your style and am IN LOVE with your bouquet!! Since you did so much of the wedding yourself (which rocks), and if you did the flowers, from where were you inspired? Or, did someone do them for you?? I’m a huge fan! Let us know–congrats!!

Melesha | Reply

The colors in the flower arrangements are beautiful.

Verity | Reply

This is gorgeous! Just what I’ve been looking for! I’m getting married in July in Australia (so, winter) and I absolutely adore that vintage look. Love the plates! And always love a creative bride :)

Shannon | Reply

I love the heart balloons and the table names as records are gorgeous!

Katrina | Reply

Hi, can you please tell me how the bride made the stripy table name holders!?

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